10 Reasons You Should Try Spanking

Spanking is thought to have originated in ancient Greece and it was originally administered to adults. Pagan priests used to spank barren women in the hopes of increasing their fertility. The next to adopt the practice was the Catholic Church, but this time the spanking would remove the sins of the women concerned. In Victorian England, the idea of spanking became widespread for both children and adults, and it wasn’t until the 1930s that the idea of spanking for love, rather than anger came into the limelight. Dorothy Spencer wrote a book entitled ‘The Spencer Spanking Plan’ which was a guide for husbands and wives, and was aimed at increasing marital harmony and balance. The book was, to Dorothy’s great surprise, a startling success.

Why Should You Try Spanking?

1. Giving up control can be a great way to relieve stress and relax. You don’t have to think about anything bar the sensations you are receiving. It doesn’t even have to involve sex – it can just be a sensual way to reconnect with your partner after a long day at the office.

2. A good spanking will get your blood pumping. All that beautiful smacking will produce heat, which in turn will get your blood flowing exactly where you want it – right between your legs. Spanking stimulates the pudendal and perineal nerves, and often results in the genitals becoming engorged. This, as you can imagine, can be quite pleasurable!

3. You can get high from it! Being spanked can result in an adrenaline and endorphin ‘high.’ This is because the brain releases lots of natural, morphine-like chemicals to counteract the pain, and when enough of these enter your bloodstream you could find yourself almost delirious with pleasure on an all-natural high.

4. It will make you feel deliciously naughty. There is nothing like being bent over someone’s knee, and bracing yourself for that first, wonderful smack. The anticipation will have you dribbling, and you never know just when or where those stinging smacks will land.

5. A reddened, blood-infused backside will be extremely sensitive. After the spanking has finished, the lightest little touch, kiss or caress will be felt that much more keenly. The dominant partner should exploit this to the max with lots of gentle touches and plenty of teasing.

6. Bottoms blush beautifully when spanked. For a visual treat, find yourself a full-length mirror and you can both admire the view. Everyone looks better in pink.

7. A good old-fashioned spanking comes with benefits. There’ll be a reminder of your sexual exploits the next day, every time the spankee sits down. This may cause intense daydreams at work that could result in the boss shouting at you, unless it was the boss who spanked you, in which case he’ll be smiling smugly all day.

8. The aftercare routine is amazing! After you’ve been spanked, it’s only fair that you should get a good bottom rub with some soothing Aloe vera or vitamin E cream. A nice gentle massage on your poor behind will be just what the doctor ordered.

9. Being spanked can be incredibly erotic. Getting naked and preparing yourself for a bare bottomed spanking is a turn-on all in itself, and the aspect of humiliation it can provide can also be titillating.

10. You can orgasm from being spanked. In fact, some people get so turned on from the idea, that they can nearly orgasm from the anticipation alone. Even if you’re not one of those lucky people, you can still have plenty of fun in the aftermath. Try the doggy-style position for some out-of-this-world sensation on your newly spanked butt!

As with anything in BDSM, always make sure that both parties are on board with the idea of spanking and that you’ve talked the scene through. There should be safe words in place that can stop the scene immediately if anything goes wrong. Remember that hugs, cuddles and body lotion are a good note to end the evening – after several orgasms of course!

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