5 Hottest Fetish Outfits in Hollywood History

Hollywood would likely shun any mention of the word fetish, deeming it not family friendly and the like. However, that hasn’t stopped them from using leather and latex for decades in order to put butts in the buckets. Just sit back and think about it. I bet it won’t take you very long to think of a hottie in a major motion picture or television show that has worn an outfit that would fit right in on the pages of Marquis. And this is no new phenomenon as this goes back years in the industry. We at Marquis thought it would be cool to do a little digging and find our favorite fetish outfits from the silver screen. Here goes the list of our top 5.

Trinity/The Matrix (Played by Carrie Ann Moss): The Matrix was a groundbreaking movie that brought special effects to a whole new level. It had a super cool and sleek look about it. And we all know the story. Neo is some kind of hacker genius and the Matrix is a fake computer program that we call the world. It’s kind of hard to explain but stylistically it was super cool. Even the guys’ clothes had a fetish feel but it was leading lady, Trinity, who stole the show in her skin tight, black, latex jumpsuit with knee high boots to match. Her insanely tight body and short slicked back hair made her look more like a dominatrix than a futuristic hero but I am not complaining at all and doubt anyone else is either. Sexy is the only word that can really encapsulate Trinity’s presence.

Catwoman (Played by Halle Berry): This movie was downright terrible. Catwoman is a character from Batman yet they didn’t really directly mention any of the characters from the comic. They were trying to make it a standalone film and I’m guessing that they were relying on Halle Berry in black leather and latex to carry the movie no matter how crappy it was. While Halle in latex didn’t save the movie, as it was a bomb of epic proportions, she did look impossibly and ridiculously gorgeous. We’re talking about Halle Berry in her prime who could have put any supermodel in the world to shame. You have to give Halle credit because I can all but guarantee that the few people that did go see it went strictly to see Halle in her sexy fetish outfit. A fetish outfit is likely what helped this movie make what little money it did.

Selene/Underworld (Played by Kate Beckinsale): Underworld is one of those cult classic movies that make people dress up and go to Comic Con for. There’s lots of action and spooky vampire stuff but by far the best part of the movie is the film’s lead, Kate Beckinsale, who plays Selene, a vampire who kills werewolves because they slaughtered her whole family. Selene is a badass chick and kicks some serious butt all while wearing sexy black latex that is likely to distract whoever is watching from the fact that she’s being attacked by werewolves. She’s stunning, her body is amazing and her latex outfit allows us to enjoy every little curve in her body of which there are many, all amazing.

Aeon Flux/ Aeon Flux (Played by Charlize Theron): Aeon Flux is a movie about a bizarre future work in which all types of odd things take place. Honestly, it’s a good movie, but who cares? In the lead role is Charlize Theron who reaches peaks of hotness that may have never seen before or ever again. She plays Aeon Flux, the title character, who is a feared assassin. The best part? Her tactical gear happens to be a skin tight, black catsuit that shows off every amazingly gorgeous part of Charlize’s body. Add to that her short black hair and you have a goth, dominatrix and fetish combo that would drive any guy insane. Man, whoever did the casting for this movie deserves a Nobel Prize for awesomeness.

Black Widow/ The Avengers (Played by Scarlett Johansson): The Avengers in an awesome flick and while the all-star cast of the movie including heavyweights like Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle are awesome, in my opinion Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson steals the show. We all know Scarlett Johansson has one of the hottest bodies in the business and they decided to show that off by putting her in a slinky, skin tight, all black catsuit that screams fetish. Add to the, Black Widow’s penchant for being able to kick some serious ass and she has all the makings of a top notch dominatrix. Come to think of it, I’d actually be a little scared if Black Widow was about to dominate me which I suppose is a great thing.


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