8 Ball Hustlin’


Romanie Smith has got her eyes on the prize. No one stands a chance against this heavy metal, blonde bombshell. Whatever the game may be, she’s just getting warmed up. Place your bets, boys, this game is about to get hot.

Photo Shoot Gallery: Romanie Smith - 8 Ball Hustlin' | Photos: 25
Video: 8 Ball Hustlin' | Run Time: 2 Minutes 53 Seconds

Model: Romanie Smith
Photography: Nate LaChance
Cinematographer: Carrie LaChance
Executive Producer: C. Michael Martell
Photo Editing: EIP Graphics
Location: Marquis Manor
Production Assistant: Mary Banks
Video Editor: Corey Norman
Music: Midnight City Music
Artist: Mikael Manvalyan
Hair MUA: Jessica Candage
Wardrobe: Libidex Thigh-highs
Shoes: Pleasers

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