About Us

Marquis Mission / Vision Statement

We at the new Marquis Magazine have a lofty vision for our publication. It is of the utmost importance that we honor all that has come before us, inspire new ideas and empower the next generation of fetish enthusiasts. The new Marquis Magazine is dedicated to increasing the visibility of the fetish lifestyle through our extensive knowledge on this subject to the general public. Our main goal is to act as a conduit in the delivery of informative content to all in the fetish world as well as those who may be curious about the lifestyle. The focus of Marquis will include all the wonders of latex fashion, the fetish lifestyle and the alt community. We will create exciting content that educates, informs and inspires a new generation of fetishists. As the world’s number one most read fetish based magazine, we have a responsibility to properly represent the lifestyle at all times while creating a product that can be widely distributed to generate new interest and further exploration into the lifestyle. With this platform, we hope to foster a sense of community and provide the best possible content for our current audience as well as future readers.

Our Staff

CEO Editor and Chief – C. Michael Martell

C. Michael Martell has run the gamut in both both his education and his professional career. Michael began his journey in college, his years there culminating in a Masters degree in Architecture. Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to be at the helm of several successful endeavors. Today, he serves as the majority owner and CEO of one of North America’s largest and most successful concert production companies. Michael has overseen the creation and development of this business turning it from a small business to an industry leader and his work has most definitely been recognized as he has received honors including the American Institute of Architects National Honor Award for Interior Architecture as well as being named a finalist in the international design competition between 99 colleges and universities worldwide held by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA). While a savvy and successful business man, Michael is an artist at heart, with decades of experience under his belt in both photography and digital artistry. His latest venture combines all of his passions. Serving as Editor-In-Chief, Executive Producer, and owner of Marquis Magazine, Michael seeks to redevelop the iconic publication and turn it into the world’s premiere adult themed media group. A lofty goal, surely, but C. Michael Martell has the experience and know-how to see these goals realized.

Senior Editor, Consultant – Peter Czernich

With three decades of vision and innovation under his belt, it’s safe to say that Peter Czernich is one of the founding fathers of the fetish scene in Europe. Peter has organized the some of the most important events in the history of the fetish scene, such as the Ball Bizarre. However, it is his work in publishing that will likely serve as his main legacy. While Peter had success in the publishing world prior to 1994, this was the year that he would present to the world his most important work yet, Marquis Magazine, a magazine devoted to all things fetish. The publication is still the most widely read fetish magazine on the market and is published in two languages, a testament to Peter’s major influence on fetish culture the world over. He has also published several photography books, owned fetish clothing lines and served, in general, as a pioneer for the fetish culture all over the globe. While Peter has passed the Marquis torch onto C. Michael Martell, he still serves the magazine proudly as a consultant and senior editor. When not working at Marquis, Peter can be found at his Germany studio creating photographic brilliance for books and art exhibitions. An absolutely vital component in the Marquis machine, Peter is truly a rare talent who is irreplaceable.