Confessions of an Unapologetic Narcissist with Balls

There’s nothing quite like an intense workout to express my auto-erotic tendencies. Is it a bad thing to get so turned on by oneself? I do wonder sometimes. But, then again, who really cares if it feels so good? That was precisely what was going through my head when I saw this gym ball on special offer at my local sport shop. I knew that I had to invest some of my hard-earned cash on one; I was convinced that it would have many uses. As well as including it in my workout, I knew it would also be good for my back. It would be great to sit on while writing, to keep a healthy posture as I balanced upon it. More importantly, I was convinced that it would be great for those times when I wanted to bounce up and down on something, and there were no suitable males around…

When I got home, I was dying to try out my new ball as soon as possible. That’s the great thing about investing in new workout gear or accessories – you want to put them to use straight away. I unboxed it, got the pump ready and set to my task. I was more inspired than ever to get fit. When it was fully inflated, I bounced on it a couple of of times. I was highly impressed with my purchase. After laying my yoga mat on the floor in my bedroom, I fetched my dumbbells from the wardrobe and finished prepping my faux-gym. All that was left to do was to find a gymball workout routine online, get into my workout gear, and get to it.

I undressed in moments and, before I could decide between tight leggings or scandalous shorts, I caught a glimpse of my nakedness in the mirror. The mere sight of my own smooth lips, reflected back at me, was enough to make me twitch. I decided that I would the skip the part about covering myself below the waist and just go commando instead. I still put on a black crop top, socks, trainers, and was almost ready to start. Another quick assessment of my reflection earned me another urgent throbbing sensation. The fact that I couldn’t resist admiring myself gave me an idea: to guarantee a complete workout, inside and out, I decided to insert a set of vaginal balls to work on my pelvic floor at the same time as I worked out on my bedroom floor. I ran to my toy cabinet and chose my heaviest set – a pair of balls with a combined weight of 100 grams. After washing them, drying them and lubing them, I took my time to insert them. I performed the procedure in front of the mirror, of course. As soon as they were fully inside, I got up and washed my hands. I felt the weights moving around inside me with each and every step that I took.

I planked, bridged, squatted and lunged with 15 reps on each side for every exercise. I followed the exact instructions of my online workout while I squeezed down on my vaginal balls simultaneously. As the rhythm of the workout progressed, the sheer amount of stimulation became utterly overwhelming. There were the physical sensations provided by the balls, the delights of my commando look in the mirror and then, when I closed my eyes, the mere thought of the ass I would have if I kept the routine up properly. It was more than enough to maintain my focus.

Needless to say, this careful coordination of spherical objects meant, that by the end, the combined evidence of my perspiration and arousal was obvious. It was time for a shower, so I removed the vaginal balls slowly and carefully. I couldn’t help but wonder how much time it would take before I could fully appreciate the results of my workout. As I soaped and scrubbed my naked body, I smiled to myself. My imagination wandered to the next time I might get to bounce up and down on a more than willing male. That would be when I would really feel the benefits of my workouts – more strength, stamina and a greater potential for squeezing.

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