A Day in the Life of a Submissive Slave

Here’s A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of A Submissive Slave

If you and your significant other have been enjoying the kinky side of sex for a while and are considering taking your D/S relationship to the next level, then you could consider an ‘around-the-clock’ or 24/7 style submission arrangement. This is where the dominant will now begin to take more control of his partner’s life, from the moment they wake up in the morning, until the time they go to sleep. Here’s a little peek into what the daily life of a submissive ‘slave’ might entail:


The submissive is usually expected to wake up earlier than the dominant. They will get dressed, prepare breakfast, and finish any chores that they have been set. Taking care of their dominant is top priority, and this will be their focus.

There may be special instructions that will revolve around the dominant’s working life, and the submissive may be required to help manage his calendar and appointments. Similarly, the day-to-day running of the house may be one of the submissive’s jobs, or there may be earmarked chores for each party.

Free Time

If the dominant is at work and the submissive is at home for the day, there may be tasks or errands that the submissive must complete. They could be mundane, such as grocery shopping, or a little more exciting, such as researching a particular scene that they might perform that evening or at the weekend. The dominant might set homework, requiring his submissive to find out all she can about a particular aspect of D/S such as ‘Shibari.’

Everyday chores don’t need to be boring, though. If the submissive has earned some privileges for the week, her shopping trip might be spiced up a little by an order to wear a vibrating bullet for the duration of the visit. Similarly, if there’s a big Friday night planned, she may be required to edge (bring herself close to orgasm) on the hour, every hour until the dominant returns. The rewards for good behaviour can be numerous and entertaining.

Asking Permission

Having to ask for permission before doing something can help to cement the roots of a D/S relationship. The dominant might require the submissive to ask for his permission before sitting down to eat, and he might require the details of each meal. Permission might be needed for sweet treats, junk food, clothes shopping, movie watching, or what the submissive will be allowed to wear for the day.

Losing Control

There are so many areas of a submissive’s life that the dominant can control, it’s hard to know where to begin, but I’ve listed a few to give you food for thought:

What underwear (if any) can be worn
Their wardrobe
Food choices
Exercise – what kind and how many sessions are expected to be undertaken per week
Setting a time for bed
Expected phone calls, allowing them to catch up through the day
Daily reflection time – perhaps five minutes where the submissive is naked and kneeling, with her eyes closed and mind focused on the dominant
Getting sex toys ready for bedtime and laying them out on the bed
Organized weekend activities
What television shows they watch and how often
What reading materials they are allowed
Bathing rituals

Writing A Journal

Some submissive’s are asked to complete a journal at the end of each day. This will allow the dominant to see where his instructions have been followed, and address any areas that he is displeased with. It can help both parties see where the cracks in the relationship are, and enable a chance to fix them.

Note: No one should be forced into giving up more control than they are comfortable with. If this style of relationship isn’t for you, that’s perfectly okay. Communication is the key to all great partnerships, so use your negotiating skills. What are you comfortable with? How could you develop the D/S aspect and still remain happy? It will be different for everyone, so have fun making your own choices!

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