Dead Lotus Couture

Dead Lotus Couture is the dark, fantastical, and surreal creation of the Italian-Japanese fashion designer Nasnge Magro. Her background in fashion mixed with her infatuation for the arts is clearly present in her designs, as she uses every medium to create to most individual and enticing pieces. Attention to detail is never in question, because it is clear to all who see her clothing that it conforms to the body’s shape in the most flattering manner possible.

“Innovation and insatiable curiosity are key concepts behind the philosophy of Dead Lotus Couture, underpinned by close attention to detail and high quality in all of our products”

-Dead Lotus Couture

Together with her partner Mark Maxwell (MPM7), they have developed a series of outstanding imagery combining fashion, photography and digital art to illustrate out the Dead Lotus couture universe.

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Facebook – DeadLotusCouture

Instagram – Nasnge Magro/Dead Lotus Couture

Twitter – Dead Lotus Couture

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