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You did it. I told you not to and you disobeyed my instructions. I suppose that, deep down, I always knew that you would. Most of us are tempted by forbidden fruit.

I knew someone who wouldn’t have clicked on a link until I told him to do so. Even though he lived in a different time zone, he did his utmost to be available for the online worship that I required it. More often than not, it was to engage in cybersex when I was being capricious and feeling horny. He would tell me elaborate stories based on my favorite sexual fantasies, for example, whenever I used my sex toys. This was so unlike the prevailing webcam culture of the time, where an aroused man dictates the rules, sets the times and pays bored girls to pretend that they are into it.

My cybersex experiences were very different. I was never bored because I called the shots at all times. With this particular sub, if he got a detail about my fantasy scenarios wrong when he recited them to me, I would stop masturbating and call him out on it. This was only to be expected because my training of him had been very thorough. If he omitted a vital portion of an established narrative then he only had himself to blame. Also, his singular masturbatory technique fascinated me. I simply adored ordering him to stimulate himself ‘hands-free’. He did this by laying face-down on his bed, arranging his hardness underneath him so that it pointed left and rubbing himself against his squeaky mattress. This was purely for my entertainment. I had never seen anything quite like it in my life.

It wasn’t just about providing me with Skype orgasms whenever I was wet. I required him to provide administrative services and to serve me in the most mundane ways possible. Back then, I had just created my website. At that time I was just getting my head around SEO, keywords, and meta tags. The geek/tech side, and all the associated jargon, quickly became integral elements of my burgeoning online fetish life.

To increase my traffic and conversion rates, I obliged my sub to sign up to numerous fetish forums, leave comments and include links to my website. This process meant that he had to register, create different usernames and email addresses. To be more convincing, he had to fabricate conversations between a variety of his aliases, all singing the praises of the mysterious goddess Venus O’Hara. It was tedious and time consuming for him. He even bought a notebook so that he could keep track of all his numerous passwords, names, and personalities. Each one required different writing styles, terms of expression and kink preferences.

It was only when I consulted Google Analytics that I saw the impressive spike in new traffic on my web, that I appreciated his fastidious attention to detail. I knew, secretly, that he deserved a good selfie for his efforts, but I kept it to myself for a while. In the meantime, I was able to analyze which forums gave effective traffic and I demanded that he revisit them every couple of weeks.

‘Do not open’ was the subject line of the emails that contained the all-important rewards for my sub. The images were included as attachments; sometimes one, sometimes more. As the collection of ‘do not open’ emails accumulated in his inbox, it only made him work harder and more efficiently. His work rate accelerated when I teased him about what those emails might contain. I think he suspected, and hoped, that the pictures were far more provocative than those that were found on my web; the ones he was so keen to promote on my behalf.

When the much anticipated moment of email opening finally arrived, there was yet more protocol for him to observe. As he drooled over my pictures, he confirmed to me that the wait had been well worth it. But, it didn’t stop there, of course. I stipulated that he write a paragraph of worshipful prose, just to tell me how erotically significant each photo was to him before he could receive the next photo. This became his ongoing incentive scheme to maintain his worship and service. He informed me that cheating would have merely spoiled his own enjoyment.

Tasting forbidden fruit might be tempting for the masses but any true sub worth his salt will always know that obeying a Goddess is infinitely more satisfying.


-Venus O’Hara

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