Exotic Flower

Katsuni is always beautiful but the hottie with the exotic looks and sensual air about her is absolutely breathtaking in this set. Wearing an Asian inspired latex outfit, that laces in the back leaving us just a peek of her perfect backside is super flattering. The latex hugs her every curve and her sexy red heels show her off her long hot legs. Katsuni strikes some very sexy poses for the camera, allowing us to see her in various states of undress and eventually gets topless, exposing her perfect bust for us to see. To gain full access go to our Members Zone and join www.marquis.world today!

Photo Shoot Gallery: Katsuni - Exotic Flower | Photos: 30

Model: Katsuni
Photography: Peter Czernich
Executive Producer: Peter Czernich
Photo Editing: Digi 5 Media
Location: Germany
Hair MUA: Angi Delrey
Wardrobe: N/A

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