How To Bring Fifty Shades Of Grey Into Your Bedroom

The phenomenon that was Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele has brought the world to its knees, with a few carpet burns, and now everyone is talking about sex. Kinky sex. The kind where you get some handcuffs and a blindfold out, and add a few toys into the midst. Sound like fun? Of course it does!

Now that bondage has officially gone mainstream, if you’re thinking about introducing some kinky stuff into your bedroom… there’s no better time to start.

You will need:

A willing partner who trusts you enough to let you tie her up.

Some form of restraint. This could be soft rope, silk scarves, fluffy cuffs, or whatever else your wicked imagination can come up with.

A blindfold. Take away someone’s sight and their other senses will over-compensate for the loss. This means they’ll be ultra-sensitive to your touch. It also heightens their sense of anticipation, and it’s guaranteed to get their pulse rate pounding.

Some impact toys, such as a paddle or wooden hairbrush if you’re thinking of delivering a spanking session. The best place to start is probably with your hand, and if your partner is enjoying herself, you can move on to bigger and better things.

A rabbit vibrator or vibrating wand is a good addition to anyone’s sexy toy box. Fifty Shades of Grey has their own line of toys in the stores and you can buy all sorts of things from nipple suckers to spreader bars. Start small, and who knows? One day you might be installing a dungeon in the garage.

A sense of humor and a good imagination might also come in handy. Whilst everything might not go to plan the first time around, these will help you get it right the next time. Oh, and laughter is good for you, except when you lose the handcuff keys.

How can I kink-up my sex life?

Turning dreams into reality isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but bringing bondage into the bedroom should be a piece of cake. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  1. Watch some sexy movies together. It could be Fifty Shades of Grey, The Secretary, Nine And A Half Weeks, or whatever takes your fancy. The idea is to get your partner in the mood for naughtiness. Then talk about what you’ve just watched. Did they like it? Did it turn them on? Would they like to try anything they’ve just seen?
  2. Take her out to dinner and dress up. Nothing says ‘sexy’ to a woman like a shirt and tie. While you’re there, you can tell her all the naughty things that you have planned for later. The anticipation will drive her wild!
  3. Start with some soft bondage. Pull her t-shirt over her head, and slide it up to her elbows. Her arms are now taken care of. You could do the same thing with her jeans, dragging them slowly down her waist but leaving them around her ankles. Now you’ve got her right where you want her, torment her with your fingers and tongue until you have her begging for more of the same.
  4. A simple blindfold is an easy way to send her hormones crashing through the roof. Being left in the dark often increases feelings of vulnerability, anticipation and arousal.
  5. Light restraints, such as a pair of fluffy cuffs or some silk scarves, can also provide a few sexy bedroom sparks. Restricting her movement will force her to concentrate on everything you are doing, and she will feel everything much more keenly. It gives you a good opportunity to try ‘edging,’ too. This is where you use your fingers, tongue, or a vibrator to bring her to the edge of orgasm, but you stop before she climaxes. Try doing this two or three times before finally taking pity on her, and she’ll nearly explode with pleasure.
  6. Save dessert for the bedroom. After you’ve restrained her, get a tub of ice cream and liberally dribble little trails of melted goo all over her body. Always wait until after the handcuffs are on before you do this. Why? You get to eat the whole tub yourself of course!
  7. Ask her if she’d like to try a gentle spanking. She’ll never know if she likes it unless she’s tried it, but make sure you start slowly and only increase intensity and speed if you’re getting some sexy moans and groans out of her.

Safety First – Make sure you’ve agreed on a safe word before you start, so that your partner can stop the scene if she’s not enjoying herself. Kinky games need to be pleasurable for both parties. If she’s not having fun, find out why, and what you can do to make it better for her next time around.

If all of that sounds like too much hard work, you could always grab a hold of the Fifty Shades DVD, walk it to your bedroom, and voila! You’ve brought Fifty Shades of Grey into your bedroom. Just saying…


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