How to Tease Her in Public

If you want to spice up your sex life outside of the bedroom, there’s nothing better than a little ‘public’ foreplay. Whilst actually having sex in public is illegal in most countries, no one’s going to be any the wiser if you have a little undercover fun. Just remember to pace yourselves, and have a bedroom close by for when the sexual torture feels like it’s leading to a When Harry Met Sally moment.

Ask her to remove her panties

There’s something exquisitely sexy about sashaying about with no underwear – especially if you’re wearing a dress. So have her dress up for a date, and before you leave the house, ask her to remove her panties in front of you.

She’ll feel every little whisper of air between her legs, and will constantly worry that someone will know. The fear and anticipation of what is to come will have her panting in heat.  You’re both going to feel your blood pressure skyrocket, and neither of you will taste anything at dinner, but who cares? The after party will blow your mind.

Talk Dirty

Tell her each and every little thing you’re going to do to her after dinner. Will you tie her to the bed, spread her across the kitchen table, or get the handcuffs out? The possibilities are endless, but I guarantee those little whispers in her ear at carefully measured intervals will have her melting into a little puddle at your feet. Get inside her head first, and you’ll have very little work to do when you arrive home.

Make Her Wear Something Naughty

This could be a quarter cup or see-through bra, a set of stockings and suspenders, or some five-inch killer heels. You could also use some sexy props like nipple clamps.  Let her put them on in front of you, so both of you can enjoy the show, and see how long it takes for the tension to rise!

Experiment With Sex Toys

One of the best ways to drive her wild is to have her wear a sex toy for you in public. This is almost definitely the naughtiest option, and may result in an accidental orgasm, so if your partner is a screamer, that might be something to consider beforehand. If you’re both up for some fun, though, here are a few ideas that you can try out:

  • Remote controlled Egg/Bullet Vibrator

Have her wear a remote controlled vibrator on an evening out. Inform her that you’re in charge of the controls, and if she behaves the vibrator will stay silent, but if she doesn’t then you’re going to have to have some fun with her. Set the rules of engagement and let the games begin. Remember to test out all those different vibrations and turn up the speed at discrete intervals. Remember not to be too mean – just in case she decides to turn the tables on you one day!

  • Kegel Balls

This can be an exhilarating game to play in conjunction with the ‘no panties’ rule, above. Start with her inserting a set of very light kegel balls, and work up to heavier ones. The idea of the game is to make sure the balls don’t drop, so she’ll need to use her muscles to grip them tightly. The balls will vibrate slightly as she walks, and move around a little. The only thing she’ll be able to think about is sex. As I’m sure you’ll gather, wearing them without panties in public could be a little risky – but oh so much fun…

  • Vaginal Or Anal Plug

The feeling of being filled will keep her horribly aroused all through dinner, and if you’ve found yourself a vibrating version, sparks are sure to fly. Whisper sweet nothings in her ear as you drag dinner out for as long as you possibly can, and then watch your partner turn into a hellcat on the journey home, as she rips the buttons from your shirt and tries to devour you whole.

  • Next Generation ‘App Controlled’ Curved Vibrator

These are the absolute best.  You can curve them around to stimulate two places at once, and you get to control the strength and pattern of the pulsations discreetly from your mobile phone. Entertain yourself by finding out which vibrations make her tremble and shiver, and then exploit your newfound knowledge to the max. A word of warning – a public orgasm is liable to get you either a) a round of applause or b) thrown out of the restaurant. It may also find you with an ex-partner, so tread carefully.

Safe word

Always have a safe word that can end play should your partner suddenly become uncomfortable with the kinky shenanigans. Better to end your fun and live to play another day, than to end it for good. She can always make it up to you when you get home…


-Christina Mandara

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