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Katerina Piglet is the beautiful and sexy, blonde bombshell from Russia. She was born and raised in a family of artists, so naturally she became one too! She got her degree in graphic design and works in the same field… which fits perfectly when you’re also a model. In 2014, fetish modeling started in the comfort of her own home, and her husband just so happens to be a photographer (as well as a graphic designer). So really, she got the luck of the draw where she can still have her cake and eat it too. Read on for the fun interview we had the pleasure of exchanging!

Marquis Magazine: How long have you been modeling for?

Katerina Piglet: I think every girl likes to be photographed, especially when her best girlfriend got a DSLR camera at school. So, later on all this childishness gradually flowed into something more “adult”. And, if we’re talking latex photo sessions, it all started at home in January 2014. How lucky am I? I married a designer and photographer.

MM: Did your career start with latex and fetish or alternative?

KP: Yes, with latex.

MM: Do you have a preference?

KP: For fetish stuff, I like gags, straps, high heels, military caps (but latex military caps only), rubber masks, red lips, pencil skirts, and I really love natural, transparent latex. It looks like a condom but I really love it.

MM: Is modeling your full-time gig?

KP: As for now, I can’t understand what I spend more time on… my permanent job as a designer or photo shoots, because even at work I take pictures of myself, select and retouch them.

MM: Funniest experience modeling?

KP: I always tell everyone about the funniest and most extreme photo shoot that took place in the center of Moscow. It was near Starbucks on one of the harshest winter days in Russia. It was a New Year’s photo shoot near a beautiful Christmas tree, and I had to run every 10 minutes to Starbucks to keep warm. I was in a black catsuit with a plush red mini dress and a red Santa Claus hat on my head. A lot of people crowded around to see what was happening. They couldn’t comprehend it. After that we went to Starbucks and started taking pictures there. The staff allowed us to move the furniture around to make it more convenient for us, and at the end of the session they all wanted to take a group photo with me. It was very funny and very cold!

MM: Most embarrassing?

KP: Hmm… It’s hard to say, there are times that have been totally awkward. But, very rarely, and if they happen, they’re quickly forgotten.

MM: Do you have any hobbies?

KP: I have never been indifferent to creativity, so I can’t really single out one “most of the most” thing. I draw sketches with watercolor, I write oil paintings, I sew dresses myself, I’ve sewn toys some time ago, painted small sea pebbles, paint graffiti in the summer, I was engaged in modeling jewelry that was made of polymer clay, and now I’m interested in makeup. Soon I’ll be doing ceramics baking courses, and right now I’m gluing a latex swimsuit. I try to remember everything I do!

MM: What do you love the most about being a fetish model?

KP: I like getting attention from men and I like to be sexy. I really enjoy it, and of course it’s one of many ways of self-expression.

MM: What’s your ideal relationship?

KP: There’s no ideal in anything, we can only talk about an approximation of something to be ideal, and this is my relationship with my husband. The main thing in a relationship is understanding, acceptance and support.

MM: Dream photoshoot?

KP: If I have any desired idea associated with a photo session, I do everything I can to bring it to life as soon as possible. My head is constantly full of ideas! I have a special notebook, in which I write down the themes for photo shoot ideas. At the moment, I want to visit Montreal Fetish Weekend and take photos with different models.

MM: What is the best gift you’ve ever been given?

KP: In life it was my sewing machine, and in latex life, I prefer a roll of latex sheeting as a gift. But in general, every gift ever given to me is an incredible pleasure.

MM: What’s your favorite fetish material to wear? (i.e. latex, leather, fishnet, etc.)

KP: Of course, latex!

MM: Favorite Brand?

KP: I can answer the following way – my favorite clothes designers are those whose outfits I dream about! These are,,,,,

MM: Dom or Sub?

KP: Switch.


Favorite Quote: Tsoi is alive.

Favorite Music Taste: I’m a music lover.

Favorite Movie Genre or Movie: My husband and I keep a list of films we’ve watched with a 10-point scale evaluation, and there are hundreds of them. How do I choose? I don’t have a favorite ‘one’, I have dozens of them, and they’re not comparable. From the most recent memorable: Temple Grandin, Stranger Than Fiction, The Dressmaker, The Prestige, and The Geographer Drank His Globe Away.

Favorite Book: I like to read non-fiction; it’s hard to single out your favorite books from this genre. Absolutely every book carries a special purpose and leaves a mark in my life.

MM: If you had a theme song, what would it be?

KP: On the current state of life, Julian Winding’s “The Demon Dance”.

For more on Katerina Piglet:
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Model Mayhem

1. Bulltosh (Ph), Katerina Piglet(wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)
2. Bulltosh (Ph), Katerina Piglet (wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)
3. Bulltosh (Ph), Pandora Delux (wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)
4. Bulltosh (Ph), Pandora Delux (wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)
5. Bulltosh (Ph), KinkSide (wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)
6. Bulltosh (Ph), KinkSide (wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)
7. Bulltosh (Ph), (wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)
8. Bulltosh (Ph), (wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)
9. Bulltosh (Ph), (wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)
10. Bulltosh (Ph), (wardrobe), Moskow(location), Pleaser (shoes)

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