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Coming out of South West England is the gothic and black metal inspired fetish model, Vic Sin. If she’s not down at the pub enjoying a pint, she’s off head banging at metal festivals or playing with fire. She was just 16 years old when she had her first experience with latex, and today she rocks it into some of her everyday wardrobe as an accent piece or something she’s altered herself. The raven-haired, porcelain beauty talks with Marquis on hobbies, fetishes, and why she likes being a ‘weirdo’.

Marquis Magazine: How did you get your start in modeling? Was it a conscious decision or a happy accident?

Vic Sin: I got into modelling as I was helping a friend with her photography degree, it wasn’t really a decision I made it just kind of happened for me. I posted the images on my social media and then I had more people interested in my photoshoots so I continued to do more.

MM: How would you define your style?

VS: I would define my style as a little bit gothic and a little bit black metal, I like dark fashion which can be very occult inspired. I like to mix a lot of chains and ripped clothing into my everyday style including a lot of O-Rings, especially on collars.

MM: At what point did fetish wear come into play for you? Do you have any personal fetishes or guilty pleasures?

VS: Fetish wear came in very early into my modelling work as I have always been interested it. I am usually a sub but I sometimes switch to mix things up a bit. One of my favourite fetishes would be bondage.

MM: What was your first fetish-wear experience like and do you incorporate any pieces into daily outfits?

VS: My first latex experience was when I was around 16, even that early in my life I knew I was definitely going to wear it again. It’s an unusual first-time feeling to get used to as I had never worn anything so tight. I also like to mix fetish wear into every day outfits, even if it’s just a collar or a bondage inspired harness.

MM: What do you find to be so appealing and attractive about the fetish and alternative lifestyle, on both a personal and professional level?

VS: The fetish and alternative scene is so interesting, every time I go meet more people within the scene I see something I’ve never seen before, be it a new subculture or fashion style or a new fetish that I’d not known of.  On a professional level, this scene, especially for modelling is the most accepting. If I wanted to be a mainstream model I would have found it difficult to become thin enough for their standards, I don’t think I would ever reach the standards of mainstream modelling either way. I enjoy being a weirdo anyway and I don’t think I would ever be able to dress ‘normal’ enough for that kind of work.

MM: I see that you’re into photography and fire performing, how did these artistic avenues become a part of your life?

VS: Fire performing came into my life by a friend who wanted to try it out, we eventually spread out to create a fire group called ‘Inferno Gothika’. All our work is self-taught so it was very difficult to learn, but luckily there are a few online resources for this. I have only started learning more fire breathing techniques, which I have put to practice a few times but I would really like to try and have it in a photoshoot of some description. I am also a photographer, I started being a photographer before I even considered modelling. I think photography is where my main talents lie but modelling is definitely something I also enjoy. I currently study photography and I also wish to take this into doing fetish work too.

MM: Do you have any other hidden talents?

VS: I do a lot of fashion design and clothes making. A lot of the stuff I model in I have made or altered. I consider this more as a hobby because it can be quite stressful when it goes wrong, so I don’t really want to get overly serious with it.

MM: What do you do for fun?

VS: I usually head down to my local metal bar for a few pints or a gig. I’m definitely a head banger and I’ll sometimes jump into the mosh pit too. I also love festivals, so I will be heading to ‘Bloodstock’ for some more heavy metal!

MM: If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

VS: If I had one super power maybe it would be strength because I can literally never open drinks, bottles, or jars. I always have to get someone to help me. Which is probably the most lame reason for a super power.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Music Genre?

It’s either got to be 80s Goth or Black Metal.

3 Albums You Can’t Live Without?

Rotting Christ – Rituals

Venom – Black Metal

Watain – Lawless Darkness


For more on Vic Sin, check out her Social Media accounts.

Instagram @vic_sin

Facebook @victoriassin



Photography : Portraits & Pinups

Latex : TLC Designs Red and Black Dress, Latex Stockings & Gloves

Honour Clothing: Garter Belt, Top, and Shorts

Hair/MUA : Self

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