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What she lacks in size, Alyssa Caruso makes up for with pretty much everything else. She’s blonde, she’s gorgeous and she has a body that absolutely refuses to quit. This petite hottie who hails from the Garden State has been modeling for years now and has been blazing a path through the industry with her super work ethic, great attitude, and a true love for what she does. You’d be hard pressed to find somebody who loves modeling more than the lovely Alyssa Caruso. Marquis Magazine recently sat down with Alyssa to not only discuss modeling but some more personal subjects like what she looks for in a guy and what she enjoys in the bedroom.

Marquis Magazine: Hey Alyssa, welcome to Marquis. How’s everything going?

Alyssa Caruso: I can’t complain, thanks for asking!

Marquis Magazine: The first thing I want to ask you about is your sexy girl next door look. I’m assuming that’s done a lot for you in your career, am I right?

Alyssa Caruso: Aww thank you! Although I personally believe professionalism, passion, and a good personality will do much more for a model’s career than her looks, my look is definitely sought after in this industry. I won’t lie, it definitely helps!

Marquis Magazine: I know you love modeling and you take it very seriously. When and how did you get into it?

Alyssa Caruso: I wanted to be a model as far back as I can remember. I would flip through magazines and catalogs and think “I wish that was me!” I got my start in modeling through beauty pageants. I won a scholarship to modeling school at a beauty pageant and after just the first class I fell even more in love with modeling. I was hooked but I was still a minor at the time and I couldn’t find success because I was too small for fashion modeling. After almost giving up, I tried one last time after my 18th birthday, this time in swimsuit and glamor modeling which is more suited to my body type, and everything has been great since! I’m incredibly lucky.

Marquis Magazine: What would you say has been your greatest moment in your modeling career?

Alyssa Caruso: Every magazine cover I get becomes my new greatest moment in my career! It’s so exciting to see your hard work pay off in such a big way.

Marquis Magazine: You’re obviously a beautiful woman with a bunch of great physical attributes. What is your favorite body part and what is the body part you get complimented on most?

Alyssa Caruso: My stomach is my favorite body part. It’s tiny and fit even though I have a sweet tooth and that makes my curves stand out even more! But I get the most compliments on my blue-green eyes.

Marquis Magazine: Obviously, there are a ton of guys that want to be with you. Describe the guy that you will actually end up with in terms of physical qualities and personality traits.

Alyssa Caruso: I will end up with the man who is confident but not cocky. He needs to show me that he cares and wants to be with me and only me but also give me my own space to miss him! I like sweet, loyal guys that listen, work hard, and have goals they’re working towards achieving. I need to feel protected with a man too since I’m only 4 foot and 10.5 inches tall!  As far as physical qualities go: muscles, tattoos, and nice lips are always a plus in my book.

Marquis Magazine: What are things some guys do that are huge turn-offs or just deal breakers?

Alyssa Caruso: I hate when guys, or anyone really, makes a habit of saying they are going to do something and then doesn’t follow through! That’s a major turn off!

Marquis Magazine: Who are your celebrity crushes, both male and female?

Alyssa Caruso: I have the biggest girl crush on Kate Upton! I’m obsessed. For male celebrities, I think UFC fighter Cody ‘”No Love” Garbrandt is so attractive. I have a crush on Ryan Reynolds too.

Marquis Magazine: What would you say is the kinkiest and most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

Alyssa Caruso: (Laughs) Sorry boys, my lips are sealed on this one! Mystery is sexy.

Marquis Magazine: Role play, high heels, and dirty talk in the bedroom. Are you a fan or do you prefer things a little more vanilla?

Alyssa Caruso: I just generally enjoy dressing up in sexy little costumes! From my shoots I have a whole drawer dedicated to cop costumes and handcuffs, school girl outfits, chef’s aprons, tiny football uniforms, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. I still need a cute French maid outfit though! Hint hint. (Laughs)

Marquis Magazine: What would you say are your ultimate goals for both your life and career?

Alyssa Caruso: I just want to be happy. To me, work is such a huge part of life. I never want to have a job where I’m miserable every day. That’s why I hope to go as far as I possibly can in modeling for as long as possible, and even be in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit one day. I want to graduate from college and counsel juvenile delinquents as well. Then have my own family and a big backyard so I can go quading or off-roading whenever I want!

Marquis Magazine: Okay Alyssa, I think we’ve covered everything. Can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

Alyssa Caruso: You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

Facebook – modelalyssacaruso

Instagram – modelalyssacaruso

Photo Credit: @photodepotbyjoe

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