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Buon giorno dall’Italia! Alternative model Amigdala interviews with Marquis Magazine this week, and all the way from Tuscany, Italy.

This fresh-faced beauty is a gem that you need to keep an eye on. She’s a self-taught designer, creating many of her own pieces for shoots, she’s her own makeup artist and hair stylist, and she’s a complete natural when it comes to modeling… what more could you ask for? This gal is dangerous, just as her name implies. She spent time studying philosophy where she attributes the birth of her name. The amygdala, as she puts it, is where emotions are born. It’s the area of the brain that’s responsible for how we respond to dangerous stimuli… and it suits her well! Godere!

Marquis Magazine: When did modeling start for you?

Amigdala: It started in 2007.

MM: Did your career start with fetish or alternative?

AM: My very first set was fetish. It was a studio shoot with a horror movie director and video-maker friend of mine who was interested in taking some photos of me, dressed like I used to, going to the local goth clubs. Some of the pvc outfits were made by me.

MM: Do you have a style preference?

AM: No, I love both styles. Fetish attire brings out my sexy side and the gothic/alternative side expresses my creativity, i.e. making my own clothing and accessories for the shoots. I also LOVE to mix and match different styles together for a more personal and structured look.

MM: Is modeling your full-time gig?

AM: No, I wish!!! Unlike the rest of the world, in Italy it’s not simple to do alternative modeling due to the difficulty of finding photographers interested in gothic, alternative, or fetish style. So, I have a regular job and I have to manage modeling in my spare time.

MM: What has been your most memorable experience modeling?

AM: Definitely the first time I had a shoot. It was the shoot I did with the video-maker friend of mine. Even though it was my first experience, I remember I felt so comfy with all the lights, and the poses were so natural for me. For so long I liked fashion, and it was like a dream come true! And I remember at the end, the photographer asked, “are you sure this is your first time modeling?!”.

MM: What was the funniest experience you’ve had modeling?

AM: Every time I do an outdoor shoot I have funny experiences and laugh a lot. But, the funniest I think was when I did a night shoot in the back side of a supermarket, here in my little city. It was one of the few times I wore a very simple outfit; a little black dress, with no latex and no strange stuff. I was posing against a wall with the headlights of a car focused on me, a flashlight, and the photographer. I don’t remember how many people poked around and broke off asking, “are you doing a photoshoot???” It was a long night, and we ended up pushing the car, because the battery was gone! So silly…

MM: Have you had any embarrassing moments modeling?

AM: Luckily, nothing yet!

MM: Do you have any hobbies?

AM: Sewing my own clothing and making accessories for my shoots.

MM: What do you love the most about being a part of the fetish industry?

AM: Definitely having the chance to express myself in every way, and the absence of physical standards for models. Modeling has always been my dream, and in this scene I can do it, even though I’m only 160 cm tall. The fetish and alternative industry gives me the chance to do what I love!

MM: What’s your ideal relationship?

AM: An equal relationship based on love, friendship, mutual respect for feelings and interests, and good sex!

MM: Dream photoshoot?

AM: Aww, a shoot with Peter Czernich in Marquis Latex!!!

MM: What is the best gift you’ve ever been given?

AM: My lovely sewing machine!

MM: What’s your favorite fetish material to wear? (i.e. latex, leather, fishnet, etc.)

AM: Latex of course, and also some pvc.

MM: Do you have a favorite brand?

AM: I don’t have just one! I prefer very structured designs like Vin Noir, Pandora Deluxe, Westward Bound, Marquis Latex, Dead Lotus Couture, Kaori’s Latex, Jane Doe, Eustratia, Lady Lucie, Atsuko Kudo… It’s very difficult to choose between so many amazing brands!

MM: Are you more dominant or submissive?

AM: I’m a sub but, only in shoots do I sometimes play the role of the domina 🙂


Favorite Quote: “What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger” -F. Nietzche, Twilight of the Idols, 1888.

Favorite Music: All subgenres of gothic and industrial music, new wave and 80′ music, retrowave, some indie and alternative rock, A LOT of electronic music in general, some extreme metal, and all classical music.

Favorite Movie & Genre: Horror was my first love, but I also love ALL the black & white classics of all genres. And one of my favorite movies ever is “Blade Runner”.

Favorite Book: I don’t have just one; “Fear of Flying” by Erica Jong, and “Kitchen” by Banana Yoshimoto for the novels; but, I also read some philosophical and psychological essays (I graduated in Philosophy), so I prefer “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by F. Nietzsche, and “Acts of Meaning” by J. Bruner.


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Photographer: Massimiliano Giomi, Wardrobe: Dead Lotus Couture, Honour, Catalyst, WestwardBound, HMUA: Amigdala

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Photographers: Massimiliano Giomi, A. Photo (Alvaro Pantani), Francesco Gomellini

Wardrobe: Dead Lotus Couture, Honour, Catalyst, WestwardBound, Skin Two, Pandora Deluxe, Kaori’s Latex, Tesla Coil Laboratory, Amigdala

Shoes: Pleaser

HMUA: Amigdala

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