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Anita De Bauch is a truly impressive woman. I could spend all day bloviating about her and her accomplishments. Yes, she’s absolutely flawless physically from her stunning red hair to her perfect body but when you start speaking to her is when you realize how incredible she is. Ask her to talk about her career as a fetish model and you’re going to get thoughtful, personal and passionate answers. She could go on forever about latex, pin-up modelling and Hollywood’s golden era. She’s intelligent and well-spoken yet very down to earth. This veteran model has made her own way in the world and speaks with a matter of factness that is endearing. Marquis caught up with the unbelievably beautiful Anita De Bauch to talk fetishes, fashion and her plans for the future.

Marquis Magazine: Hey Anita, welcome to Marquis, it’s great having you here today. How’s everything going?

Anita De Bauch: Hello, Marquis! Things are going really great for me just now. I just got back from Milan Fashion Week, a trip to Amsterdam and a tour of England in quick succession, and I’m so excited that I’m having difficulty sleeping. I kind of had a bad year September 2015 to September 2016, more personally than professionally, but it seems like as soon as October arrived, I had a sudden upward lucky streak that isn’t slowing down! It’s like everything is just clicking into place for me. I’ve got some incredible projects coming up that I can’t really talk about yet, and more modelling bookings than I can easily handle, so I get to be more selective in what I take on and have more control over how I’m presented, as well as just having more to invest in myself and my career. It’s safe to say that you’ll be seeing a lot of me in 2017.

Marquis Magazine: I want to start off by talking about your career. How did you get your start in modelling?

Anita De Bauch: I started my first business when I was 18, selling hair extensions that I made online. I couldn’t afford to pay a model to pose for my catalogue pictures, so I had to model everything myself. I started noticing that certain pictures seemed to sell the products better than others, so I learned very quickly to sell a product through an image. If I didn’t sell those hair extensions, I didn’t eat! My career definitely hasn’t been all champagne and roses so I’m very grateful for everything I have now. It isn’t easy to start a business, especially a fetish modelling business, which is why I wrote a book about my experiences called How to Model Without an Agency.

Marquis Magazine: Your look is unique and you shoot in everything from latex to pinup. How would you describe yourself? Are you an alt model, pinup girl, fetish model?

Anita De Bauch: I’m a ladylike fetish model, a good girl and a bad girl. I’m about freedom and liberation. All my photos have fetishistic elements to them somewhere, if you look, but I like to make the photos beautiful to everyone. If you are lucky enough to have a latex fetish, you will really appreciate the wardrobe in lots of my photos, but even if you don’t, you can still look at that same photo of my latex couture, perfectly coiffed hair and killer heels and say, that’s a glamorous, elegant, and erotic feminine picture.

Marquis Magazine: I find you to be absolutely breathtaking. You have a great throwback look. Would you say anybody in particular has influenced your style?

Anita De Bauch: Thank you! I work hard on my look. It’s a craft. Using Bareskin Beauty skincare and Mya Mineral Makeup helps. I met Dita Von Teese in New York recently and she is a big influence. I want to be on the cover of Marquis magazine one day, just like her! I love to steal flamboyant, stylish glamour from various periods in history, especially the ‘30s, and then make it work in a sexy, modern way. I dress vintage but I don’t look like a granny. There have always been fetishists and I love to take something modern like a latex catsuit and then style it the way a 1940s pin-up might have done, if she’d had the chance. To me, it’s super sexy to see a prim, proper goody-goody from a bygone era having some naughty fun, like wearing a latex catsuit, brandishing a whip, or getting tied up. It makes me want to get to know her. It’s hot.

Marquis Magazine: You’re a big fan of the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. What is it about those eras that you love?

Anita De Bauch: Everything was beautiful back then, every woman looked like a goddess with feminine hairstyles, red lipstick, fancy underwear that reminds me of bondage, with all that strapping and lacing, so when you see a photo of a woman in a neat tailored dress from that era you know she is experiencing a feeling similar to being tied up, even while she is running daily errands in her little hat and white gloves. I have a fetish for fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings that is almost out of control, it’s like a whole selection of magical fetish ingredients comes together in one person: red lips, bondage, vintage lingerie, corsets, nylons, gloves, high heels, and sensual fabrics like silk, lace, fur and leather, even rubber, sometimes. It’s powerfully seductive and yet totally acceptable for everyday wear. It’s amazing how guys react if you dress this way these days! They love it.

Marquis Magazine: Which male icon from one of these eras would you date if you could and why?

Anita De Bauch: Does it have to be male? I have funny taste in men, it’s hard to describe exactly what it is but I definitely know what I like as soon as I see it. I love sexually liberated nerdy guys. I get crushes on David Mitchell and Jeff Goldblum. Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park is my ultimate male fantasy. If I could go back in time, I’d go to Hollywood and try and have an affair with Marlene Dietrich. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too hard as she seduced pretty much every starlet around! Who could say no to Marlene? She was from Germany originally and I’m visiting there in 2017.

Marquis Magazine: Nobody that comes through the Marquis doors escapes this question. Do you have any fetishes in your personal life?

Anita De Bauch: Of course, everyone does. I love vintage lingerie, especially suspender belts and stockings, and doing a little foot-striptease with them and a sensually curved pair of high heels, 5” is a good height for me. I like rope bondage and leaving my lipstick marks around and I love a dominant man in well-fitting leather gloves.

Marquis Magazine: Do any of your sexy fetish outfits ever find their way into the bedroom?

Anita De Bauch: Almost every outfit you see me wearing in photos is mine, or at least, in a style that I like. I get a lot of my clothes custom-made from Lady Allura’s Latex. I’m not a vanilla clothes-horse who just turns up to work, gets a costume thrown on her, takes the money and goes home. My photos show who I really am and I really am a lover of beautiful clothes, even when I’m off-camera. Even at home, I have a collection of beautiful robes in different fabrics, cashmere pashminas to snuggle into on cold winter nights, cloche hats to keep my hair in order at breakfast, even my slippers are black velvet with wedge heels and marabou feathers. It’s not about impressing anyone, these are things I love to wear, even when I’m on my own, doing what comes naturally makes me feel good. I do whatever I want to do every day.

Marquis Magazine: What’s your opinion on wearing high heels during sex?

Anita De Bauch: It makes your legs look longer in some positions, and is practically helpful for others. They are fun to slip on and slip off or have someone else slip them off for you.

Marquis Magazine: What would you say is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Anita De Bauch: I’m pretty uninhibited, there’s nothing that I’ve ever wanted to do that I’ve been too scared to try. I come from England, one of the most perverted countries in the world, except maybe Germany. It explains a lot. I just want to have fun. I have a lot of fun making fetish videos, that’s for sure. I have fans who email me asking for private videos made just for them, which are sometimes really unusual, or surprisingly simple. The most I ever got paid for one of these videos was £2000 for a guy who loved the idea of a beautiful, spoilt, glamorous woman pretending to order thousands of of pounds’ worth of luxury items on his credit cards. I loved that movie because I really got to dress up in the most over the top, opulent way imaginable.

Marquis Magazine: In your opinion, what makes latex so sexy?

Anita De Bauch: It looks otherworldly when it is shined up. You can’t ignore a curvy cutie in latex. I like it lubed up to the point where it looks positively wet. It just invites you to touch it.

Marquis Magazine: Okay Anita, it was awesome having you today. Can you tell all the readers here at Marquis where they can follow you?

Anita De Bauch: I can be contacted through my website and I’m planning on making my own fantasy fetish world online. I’ve had this fantasy of an online VIP fetish club for a long time and I hope to bring that fantasy to life in 2017, and that lots of people will join me. I sometimes sell my things on eBay or Depop, and you can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Website –

Facebook – AnitaDeBauch

Instagram – anitadebauch

Twitter – AnitaDeBauch

Latex: Kaori’s Latex Dreams

Photographer: Luci Alice

Skincare: Bareskin Beauty

Cosmetics: Mya Minerals

Latex: Pandora Deluxe

Photographer: Luci Alice

Skincare: Bareskin Beauty

Cosmetics: Mya Minerals

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