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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Hannah Nicole takes some time out of her day to talk with us at Marquis Magazine. Beginning at a young age, she’s been involved in theater and the arts, leading her creative career into makeup and cosmetology. In this interview she talks a little ink, a little kink, and where she got her start in modeling. You may have seen her in a recent issue of, “Ink Tease Magazine,” and you may have heard her on air with Andrea Prince of, “Model Behavior,” for Playboy Radio.

With only a few short years in alternative and fetish modeling, Hannah is absolutely killing it with her online presence. She has over 17,000 followers on Instagram alone, so we’d say she’s doing pretty well for herself.


Marquis Magazine: Can you tell us when and how you started modeling? What drove your focus to the alternative and fetish style?

Hannah Nicole: I started modeling a few years ago and instantly fell in love with it! I did a lot of theater and art growing up, so modeling became an outlet for me. I chose alternative and fetish modeling because I’m passionate about the art and power of seduction. It fits my personality and I truly enjoy what I do.

MM: You’re incredibly beautiful, what do you think makes you stand out?

HN: Thank you for the compliment but, what I think separates me from other models is that I’m very business oriented. I’m very professional, which allows no room for meaningless drama, and I think photographers and other people in the industry appreciate that.

MM: You have some incredible ink! Are there any pieces that you consider a favorite?

HN: I have a lot, and I love all of my tattoos. I would say that my favorite art piece on my body is my portrait of the beautiful, Winona Ryder as “Lydia Deetz,” from the 80s cult classic, “Beetlejuice.”

MM: The viewers here at Marquis would love to see you do more latex shoots in the future. Is that something you’re interested in?

HN: I would love to do some latex photo shoots in the future! Latex is definitely sexy. I love how form fitting it is and it really shows off all the curves. I’m looking forward to that, actually. I think it will be a lot of fun!

MM: Does the kinky side of fetish, and fetish itself, cross over into your personal life?

HN: Some kinks that my boyfriend and I dabble in are role-playing, whips, bondage, and toys. All the best kinks! Those are my favorite but I have a very open mind, too. I’m always open to learn about and try new things.

MM: From corsets to fishnets, you model some incredibly sexy outfits for your photo shoots. Do any of those find their way into the bedroom?

HN: Yeah, every single one of them! Like I said earlier, I love the art and seduction, and clothes [in the bedroom] can definitely play a big part in that. I do it often, as it’s definitely something I enjoy.

MM: What would you say is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

HN: The kinkiest thing? That’s actually a pretty hard question as I’ve done a lot! Sometimes my man walks me on a leash like an animal. That’s pretty kinky if you ask me!

MM: What’s your take on heels in the bedroom?

HN: I think high heels in the bedroom are very sexy. That’s definitely something I’m into. Wearing them during sex is very sensual and seductive, very hot. I’m very into that.

MM: Heels in the bedroom, check! What’s your take on dirty talk?

HN: Dirty talk? Hmm, I won’t say that it can’t be hot but I say less talking and more doing! Actions speak louder than words. That’s my opinion.

MM: We see that you do hair and makeup; on shoots do you have a stylist that works with you?

HN: Aside from modeling, yes. I am a licensed cosmetologist. I actually do my own hair and makeup for all of my shoots. It’s definitely a skill that comes in handy in this business.

MM: Hannah, it’s been a pleasure having you. Where can our viewers follow you and your work?

HN: Thanks so much for having me! This was great! You guys can follow me on Instagram.


Facebook: MissAmericanWitch

Instagram: @missamericanwitch


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