Interview with Jasmine Suzanna

Jasmine got her knack for fetish just a few short years ago. Starting at eighteen, she purchased a couple latex pieces for herself and began booking photoshoots, one right after the other. This gorgeous gal also got herself into fashion design in college, making her professors shake their heads at her love for latex. When you’ve got passion and determination, you don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way…

MM: How did you get your start in fetish and alternative modeling?

JS: I started off doing a few TFP shoots when I was seventeen. I’ve always loved latex. So, I really wanted to do photo shoots in latex and fetish style as soon as I turned eighteen. I bought a few outfits for myself and I quickly started booking more and more shoots.

MM: You design your own latex now, how did you get into that?

JS: I studied fashion design in college. My teachers were not fond of latex but, I did a few assignments for school using latex anyway. After finishing college, I knew I wanted to work with latex because it is just the nicest material in my opinion. I make most of the outfits I wear myself and I make them for photoshoots and runway shows.

MM: As part of the fetish lifestyle, do you have any special fetishes you’d like to share?

JS: Anything that makes me feel sexy! Latex, lingerie, heels, makeup, and hair… It all just feels so feminine and great!

MM: What do you love about latex?

JS: Latex can hug your curves in such a beautiful way, and the shine makes it look even better. It just makes me feel super feminine. However, I love it when latex designs take an unexpected turn such as with suits, masks, baggy pants and the like.

MM: You have a very beautiful and unique look, what would you say is a favorite physical feature that you love about yourself?

JS: I think my lips are pretty signature, ‘Jasmine,’ at this point. And, I would say that what makes a woman beautiful is all of her features combined.

MM: When it comes to kink, how do you feel about masks?

JS: I told myself I would never wear latex masks but after a while of trying them on, I kind of got into it. The look of a person being completely covered in latex is really inspiring to me too, it feels like a blank canvas for fashion design.

MM: Relationship goals, what is most important to you?

JS: What I think is most important in a relationship is being able to tell each other anything and make each other laugh.

MM: Lastly, are there any fetish models that have inspired you in your work and in your design?

JS: It all started with Emilie Autumn and all of the girls in her shows, and a little lady called, Ophelia Overdose. I’m still a huge fan of them both to this day. Kato is also someone that keeps inspiring me and I also have had the good fortune to work with her.

MM: Jasmine, it was amazing having you here. Can you tell all of our readers where they can follow you?

JS: Thank you for having me! You can find me on my social media:


Facebook: JasmineSuzannaV

Instagram: @jasminesuzannav




Photo 1: Photography: Mario Maganda / Latex: HW Design Latex

Photo 2: Photo: / Latex: Myriel Monastic

Photo 3: Photo: / Latex: Jasmine Suzanna

Photo 5: Photo: / Latex: Myriel Monastic & Jasmine Suzanna

Photo 12 (KPP): Photo: Kostas Kappa Photography / Latex: Iris Thespider / House of Harlot


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