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Jennifer Lynn is the best of every world. She’s tall and thin enough to walk a runway but has enough tattoos and bad girl style to make even the most hardened man drop his jaw at first sight. Jennifer’s sexy tattooed body and gorgeous crystal blue eyes have made her a sought after model and her look has made her very versatile, able to do many different kinds of shoots. The girl has sex appeal and that’s the understatement of the year. Marquis caught up with Jennifer to discuss high heels in the bedroom, sex in public and the kinkiest thing she’s ever done in her life.

Marquis Magazine: Hey Jenn, welcome to Marquis. How’s life?

Jennifer Lynn: Life is good so far! I’m having fun and working hard.

Marquis Magazine: Okay I want to give you free reign here so tell us, what are some important things we should know about Jennifer Lynn?

Jennifer Lynn: I am super laid back. I never take anything for granted and I am super humble. I am most likely the nicest model you’ve ever met. (Laughs)

Marquis Magazine: Tell us when and how you got into modeling. You’ve got the body for it.

Jennifer Lynn: I got into modeling when I was around 18. Someone I knew was a photographer and he wanted a “model”, so I volunteered. It was fun and I absolutely loved the images, I wanted to do it again. I was hooked from that moment. I just loved how I looked in the images, it built my confidence a lot.

Marquis Magazine: Speaking of your body, what would you say is your best physical attribute?

Jennifer Lynn: I would say I have 2 favorite features on my body, number one is my eyes. My eyes are crazy blue and really pop in photos. Number two are my legs, they are crazy long and thin.

Marquis Magazine: Okay this is quite a personal question; Do you have any sexual fetishes?

Jennifer Lynn: I don’t know if I have any sexual fetishes per se. I am attracted to ladies and I have dated women. I think women have beautiful features, a woman’s body is art.

Marquis Magazine: What’s the kinkiest, craziest thing you’ve ever done in your entire life?

Jennifer Lynn: Hmm, I like kinky. I’ve done probably the most common of kinky. I play dress up and used handcuffs. I think the kinkiest thing I ever did was pretend to be a completely different person by wearing a wig and dressed up in something I would never wear. I met my boyfriend at the time at a bar and he didn’t recognize me at first. When he finally knew it was me I told him to play along and it ended up being a fun night all the way back home.

Marquis Magazine: Do you think you could ever be a dominatrix or are you super submissive in the bedroom?

Jennifer Lynn: I think I could be both dominatrix and submissive. I like to play roles, so any role is fun for me. If I had to choose a favorite I would say I would go with being submissive. I like a man to take control.

Marquis Magazine: High heels during sex, yay or nay?

Jennifer Lynn: Absolutely heels during sex. Heels make a woman feel sexy, so what better time to wear them!

Marquis Magazine: Have you ever had a sexual experience where either handcuffs or a whip were involved?

Jennifer Lynn: I don’t think I have ever used a whip, I may have bought one before. I have used handcuffs several times as well as rope.

Marquis Magazine: Do you find that guys are attracted to your tattoos, like tattoo fetishists?

Jennifer Lynn: I have never found a guy that has a fetish for tattoos; at least I don’t think so. I find that men are very intrigued and want to be with a tattooed woman. Surprisingly, I have dated a lot of non-tattooed men and they always want to come back. lol. I feel that tattoos are very attractive. I think you either love it or absolutely hate it.

Marquis Magazine: Sex in public, is it a good idea and how public are we talking here?

Jennifer Lynn: I think sex in public is ok if you’re discreet about it; don’t be a fu**ing scumbag about it. Not hardcore sex but maybe a little fooling around in a dressing room having fun.

Marquis Magazine: Okay Jenn, I think we have everything we need. Can you please tell all of our readers where they can follow you?

Jennifer Lynn: First of all, thanks to Marquis for having me. Please check out my website with uncensored and exclusive images at

Website –

Instagram – modeljenlynn

Twitter – modeljenlynn

Photo Credit: ​@corwinprescott, @pickypixphoto

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