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Josefine Jonsson is incredibly talented, and one of the best photographer’s in the fetish world, hands down. Her work could easily grace the pages of any high fashion magazine but she’s chosen mostly to work with amazing fetish models like Starfucked, Elegy Ellem, Calamity Amelie and the list goes on. In addition to being a highly respected, world class photographer Ms. Josefine Jonsson happens to be a first class hottie as well. Lucky for us, many of her first photo projects were self portraits so we get a rare glimpse of the beauty wearing some seriously sexy latex. Marquis Magazine caught up with Josefine Jonsson to discuss photography, the top fetish models in the business, and of course, latex.

Marquis Magazine: Hey Josefine, we’re really excited to have you here at Marquis. How’s everything going?

Josefine Jonsson: Hey there! Thanks for having me. I am actually taking a little break from photography for an uncertain time. I know I will go crazy since I need to create so I will probably shoot something, but I spend endless of time to retouch and it has been too much lately! Other than that, I have some series I am quite excited to share with you soon. One of them does include latex of course and two awesome models together!

Marquis Magazine: You are insanely and ridiculously stunning. Did you start off as a model?

Josefine Jonsson: Thank you, that’s very kind of you! I did take a lot of self-portraits when I started off with photography, but I would not consider myself a model though. I enjoy being creative and sometimes I have an idea I want to try out and then it’s easiest to just use myself as a model.

Marquis Magazine: How did you get into photography and more specifically fetish photography?

Josefine Jonsson: I started off with photography during a time where I used to draw a lot of realistic portraits. I did not feel I developed as I wanted so I tried out a new medium which was photography and I was stuck! The first shoot I had with latex was with model Insanitea. We did an Alice in Wonderland-themed shoot all in latex. I thought the material was interesting and different so I wanted to continue shooting it.

Marquis Magazine: You’re so talented as a photographer which is why I’m sure you work with all of the top models. What’s it like being sought after and admired by the best in the business?

Josefine Jonsson: Most of them have become my friends over time, which is awesome, so I don’t really think about it that much I guess. But I am very happy a lot of talented models want to work with me, it’s really fun when you’ve been admiring someone and they want to shoot with you.

Marquis Magazine: I know you’ve done a lot of shoots. Is there one that stands out to you as your greatest shoot of all time?

Josefine Jonsson: Recently, my newest series with Miss Loulou by an apple tree in blossom has become a favorite of mine. We did not have a lot of time; I think we were shooting for 20 minutes only, but we still got so many good images! Not sure which series is the greatest series of mine though, I enjoy all of my series for different reasons.

Marquis Magazine: Is there anybody who you look up to in terms of photography?

Josefine Jonsson: I am inspired by a lot of photographers, both well-known and unknown. But I’ve come to like Camilla Akran’s work a lot.

Marquis Magazine: The readers will kill me if I don’t ask this question, do you have any fetishes of your own?

Josefine Jonsson: I do love military uniforms, but I don’t consider it as a fetish. (Laughs)

Marquis Magazine: What’s your opinion on latex? Why is it so damn sexy?

Josefine Jonsson: I appreciate the aesthetic of latex. Sure, it’s skin tight so it’s very seductive, but I like to mix it with fashion and that’s what I’ve always gone for in my work. A lot of the designs I’ve shot are rather timeless and classy rather than just sexy, so I think it depends on the design, you can create so much with the material which is awesome.

Marquis Magazine: Just out of curiosity, what are the qualities you look for in a guy?

Josefine Jonsson: Someone who can make me laugh, who’s caring and honest. But also, someone who appreciates and respects me and my work.

Marquis Magazine: How do you approach a shoot in terms of wardrobe, location, etc. Does it all depend on the model?

Josefine Jonsson: Mostly models get designs sent to them and we plan around those designs. Other times either me or the model have an idea that we want to shoot. So it really is a collaboration between us all.

Marquis Magazine: What do you look for in a model that you want to shoot?

Josefine Jonsson: Someone who’s creative, humble and self-going in posing.

Marquis Magazine: Okay Josefine, it was awesome having you. Can you tell all of our readers where they can follow you?

Josefine Jonsson: Of course! I am almost everywhere. (Laughs) But here’s some links to my most active social medias I am on:

Website –

Facebook –

Instagram – josefinejonssonphoto

All photos By: © Josefine Jönsson 2014,

Models: Calamity Amelie, Caro Bones, Elegy Ellem (Mask from Sundries and Plunder. Heels from Fabulously Fetish), Insanitea wearing Westward Bound latex, Minxx wearing Catalyst Latex, Miss Loulou wearing Amatoris Latex Couture, Miss Miranda wearing Lady Lucie Latex, Starfucked

Self Portrait in Westward Bound Latex, self portrait 2 in Lady Lucie Latex, self portraint 3 in Naucler Design

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