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While Lexi Storm might not officially be a fetish or alt model, her wardrobe and her personality point right in that direction. This vixen is beyond sexy and her naughty mind is even sexier. She holds back nothing during her photoshoots and takes on that same attitude while being interviewed. From her gorgeous body to the seductive look in her pretty eyes, Lexi Storm has it all and could make any man, or woman for the matter, drop to their knees in a New York minute. Marquis Magazine caught up with sexpot Lexi Storm to discuss her love for the ladies, her personal fetishes and what she’s like in the bedroom.

Marquis Magazine: Hey Lexi, welcome to Marquis, how’s everything going?

Lexi Storm: Everything is awesome, I’m so glad to be here at Marquis today!

Marquis Magazine: We want to get the full picture of who you are so take us back to the beginning. How did you first get into modeling?

Lexi Storm: I knew modeling was always something that had interested me. I was working in an organic spa as a licensed skin therapist when I finally had the balls to go try out a local open call and had a blast so then I attended a big glamour event near my area. I made some great connections there, was able to quit my spa job and it’s been going well ever since.

Marquis Magazine: You do some very hot photoshoots with other hotties like yourself. Are you a fan of the ladies in your personal life? If so, give us your hottest experience please.

Lexi Storm: I have a couple close girlfriends and you could definitely say that I’m a fan. My hottest experience just started out as a regular chill night hanging out with my best friend that escalated to us being all over each other. At first it was heavy petting, then kissing and you can guess what came next!

Marquis Magazine: This is Marquis Magazine so nobody gets out without answering this question. Do you have any fetishes in your personal life?

Lexi Storm: I definitely have a thing for a strong dominant male who’s not afraid to smack me around and punish me for being a bad girl. I think that primal aggression that men can have is so sexy!

Marquis Magazine: What would you say is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Lexi Storm: A friend and I decided it’d be fun to wear ruby butt plugs to the movies, she put in mine and I put in hers. It was like this naughty little secret of ours.

Marquis Magazine: You wear a lot of sexy lingerie in your shoots. Does that transfer over into your personal life?

Lexi Storm: I definitely like to dress up in the bedroom. A good garter belt with thigh high stockings and no panties is definitely a go-to. On occasion I like to pull out the role play costumes. I may own two, or three, or five. (Laughs)

Marquis Magazine: Would you say you’re a dirty talker in the bedroom and if so how dirty are we talking?

Lexi Storm: Oh I’m a dirty talker for sure! I love to whisper filthy things to someone while I bite their ear a little. How dirty? I can’t tell you ALL my secrets!

Marquis Magazine: High heels in the bedroom: hot or not?

Lexi Storm: High heels are hot to start off with but when we get down to it they somehow always come off! So hot but not always practical!

Marquis Magazine: As a lover, would you describe yourself as more dominant or submissive?

Lexi Storm: With men I’m almost always submissive. I tease a lot and trash talk but only because I’m fishing for a spanking! (Laughs)

Marquis Magazine: Have you ever experimented with handcuffs in the bedroom?

Lexi Storm: Handcuffs are always present, whether we use them or not! It’s just hot to know that at any moment he could cuff me and I’d be at his mercy.

Marquis Magazine: What’s your take on sex while tied up and blindfolded?

Lexi Storm: I think if your partner whispers dirty things in your ear while you’re blindfolded, there’s nothing sexier than trusting your partner enough to surrender all control to them.

Marquis Magazine: Okay Lexi, it was awesome having you. Can you tell our readers where they can follow you?

Lexi Storm: Aw thank you for having me, it’s been a pleasure! I’m on Snapchat always dancing around at least half naked!

Snapchat – smexiiilexiii

Photo Credit: David Moser for HM Photography

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