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Your Guide To Using Handcuffs

Handcuffs are one of the easiest ways to restrain someone. They’re a great time-saver compared to nearly all other restraints and a lot less complicated than rope. There are no difficult knots to learn and they can be fastened and released in a matter of seconds.

There is something beautifully sexy about a partner who has their hands cuffed. They’ve suddenly surrendered all control and are utterly at your mercy. You can tease them for hours, or make them orgasm again and again until they beg for release. The possibilities, as they say, are endless.


1. Find yourself a willing partner. An unwilling partner will generally still result in handcuffs, but will be accompanied by an arrest warrant.

2. Introduce restraints slowly into your relationship. Start with silk scarves, progress to soft rope, and if your partner is still begging for more, then it’s time to bring out the real cuffs.

3. Novelty handcuffs are a lot less scary than the real thing. Whilst you don’t have to opt for pink fluffy cuffs, some sort of fur-covered handcuff is a good place to start. These won’t mark the skin and will ensure that all her moans remain pleasurable. Leather cuffs are also widely available and are much more comfortable than their metal partners.

4. When you progress to police-grade handcuffs, this is when things get serious. From an aesthetic point of view – they look gorgeous, but they can also do a lot of damage if used incorrectly.

Positions To Try

Arms Up

Use leather cuffs with an interconnecting chain of rope. This rope can then be threaded through the headboard of a bed or a stair bannister, for example. Remember to make sure it’s something sturdy and that the metal chain won’t damage it when it moves, because if you’re doing your job right, it’s going to be going up, down, and all over the place.

Behind The Back

Cuff your partner’s wrists behind their back to render them almost completely helpless. They’ll be unable to support their weight on their hands, and you’ll need to take extra special care of them in this position. It’s going to make them feel very vulnerable, so remember to reassure them at every opportunity.

Arms To Neck

For those who love BDSM, try a leather collar around your partner’s neck connected to fastening wrist restraints at the back. The slight pressure at the neck every time the restraints move will add a little extra naughtiness to your session.

The Full Monty – Also Known As Sensory Deprivation

Cuff your partner’s wrists to the headboard, their ankles to each bedpost, and add a blindfold for good measure. If you want to make it really fun, you could even add some headphones and music, so they won’t be able to hear when you approach. Want to be really naughty? Try a vibrating wand and watch them writhe with pleasure.

Keep It Safe

Make sure the handcuffs are not fastened too tightly. There should be space to fit a pen between the inner circle of the cuff and the person’s wrist. This is important. Broken bones are not sexy.

Double-locking handcuffs are better than the single-locking variety. These won’t tighten any further once they have been fastened correctly.

Remember to take it easy if it’s your first time using metal cuffs. A lot of exuberant play is bound to leave marks, and explaining yourself out of that one when your boss asks what happened to your hands over the weekend is going to prove tricky.

Always have a spare key handy. Calling the fire brigade out to release your naked partner might result in you having to do the dishes for a month, or worse.

Check in with your partner regularly during the scene and make sure you have a safe word. Always have the key close to hand, so if the scene needs to stop you can do so immediately.

Never suspend your partner using steel cuffs. This can cause serious nerve damage.

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  1. Profile photo of Fred Strunk
    Fred Strunk August 23, 2017 at 12:33 am

    Great Article! Double-Locking Cuffs Are Very Important! I Appreciate You Telling People NOT To Tie Metal Cuffs Where Stress On The Wrists Can Cause Permanent Nerve Damage!

    • Profile photo of Haley Norman
      Haley Norman August 24, 2017 at 6:42 pm

      Thank you, Fred! We at Marquis always like to stress the importance of safety in every informative article that we post <3 Thanks for reading =)

      -Keep it safe, sane, and consensual!

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