Lace Me Up

This set is a hot one for all of you latex lovers out there. Peter Czernich captures the sexy Amy Statik, who is wearing a green and teal latex number, beautifully. Amy's lean yet curvaceous body was made for this outfit as it accentuates everything from her tiny waist to her long, sexy legs which are also helped along by the super hot and very high, clear high heels that she's wearing. This adorable blonde was born to be in front of the camera and she really pulls out all the stops, looking equally gorgeous in every different pose she strikes.

Photo Shoot Gallery: Amy Statik - Lace Me Up | Photos: 26

Model: Amy Statik
Photography: Peter Czernich
Executive Producer: Peter Czernich
Photo Editing: EIP Graphics
Location: Solingen, Germany
Hair MUA: Angi Delrey
Wardrobe: N/A

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