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Five Kinky Role Play Scenes To Spice Up Your Bedroom Routine!

We’ve all had fun on the playground with cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, or doctors and nurses. The good news is that pretending doesn’t have to stop just because you’re an adult. Use it to inject some naughty fun into your sex life and the sky is your limit. Need some ideas? Read on…

Boss and Secretary

The Scenario: You’re pulling an all-nighter when your secretary decides to delete all your files for your upcoming meeting tomorrow. Tell her that’s she fired unless she can find some way of making it up to you.

Why it’s good for her: She gets to wear a short skirt and play Maggie Gyllenhaal for the day. She’ll be quaking in her boots as she begs you to take pity on her. What will she do to get in your good graces again? Pop her backside over the desk and ask for a spanking? How delicious!

Why it’s good for you: You get to play the high-flying executive whose every command must be obeyed. If she wants her job back, you can make her earn it. Make sure you work her hard – you’re paying her, after all!

High Class Call Girl and Client

The Scenario: Book yourself into a classy hotel and arrange to meet your partner in the lobby. Why not text her with the details of the clothing you’d like her to wear? That will make the wait all the more exciting as you keep your eyes glued to the revolving door of the hotel lobby.

Why it’s good for her: She gets to dress up and put some fancy underwear on. She also gets a sexy night away and you dribbling at her feet for a night. Remember, though, there’s no kissing allowed.

Why it’s good for you: You have your partner at your beck and call for the evening. You get to call the shots. You want her to strip, tell her! You want her to talk dirty, you need only ask…

The Human Sex Doll or Robot

The Scenario: She’s been bought and programmed for the evening. She is to follow your every command and please you in any way that she is instructed.

Why it’s good for her: She’ll never know what’s coming next. All she can do is wait to obey, and the anticipation of your next move is going to drive her nuts.

Why it’s good for you: You’re in charge! Position her however you want and get her to act out your wildest fantasies. She’s there to serve your every whim and act out your fantasies, so have fun with this one. If you want her silent for the evening whilst you watch footie, this one could come in handy.

The Interrogation

The Scenario: Your mission is to capture the spy! She’s a deadly female agent and she’s out for your body. The good part is that once you get her, you get to tie her to a chair and torture her for information.

Why it’s good for her: She’s going to be sexually tormented until she finally gives in and screams her safe word at you. By the time you get her out of that chair, she’s going to be so hot and bothered, she’ll probably jump you right there and then.

Why it’s good for you: You can make her beg, plead, and scream for mercy. Torture her with orgasm denial or give her so many orgasms she can barely breathe. Make James Bond pale in comparison to your sexy 007 self.

The Burglar

The Scenario: There’s a burglar on the loose. He preys on sexy women dressed only in their underwear and ties them up before having his way with them.

Why it’s good for her: She get’s to watch you slink around the house in a balaclava while you ransack her bedroom. Wait, no that’s wrong. Oh yes, she get’s tied up and ravished. What’s not to like? Memo to you – go easy on the ransacking, but if you find any naughty sex toys, try and find a use for them.

Why it’s good for you: She’s tied up and dressed in sexy lingerie. Need I say more?

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