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Beginning behind the camera, it wasn’t long afterwards that Nathaly Blue found a stronger love for being in front of it. As another form of art expression, it came naturally for her to start modeling. If it’s artistic and creative, she does it, and to top off some of her many talents, she also designs her own latex creations. You can see them in a few of her photos featured here.

Marquis Magazine: What made you jump over to modeling?

Nathaly Blue: I actually started as a photographer but soon fell in love with standing in front of the camera, even more so than standing behind it. As an artist, I found that modeling is just one of the ways in which I like to express myself creatively. I’ve always dressed alternatively and been in love with latex for as long as I can remember. So, it came naturally to model these things.

MM: What would you say is your most ‘stand out’ feature?

NB: It might be somewhat cliché, but in my opinion it’s my eyes! I prefer to make them look huge with lots of back around them so they really pop and stand out in the pictures. Other than that, I’m actually truly happy with every part of my body.

MM: Being a part of the fetish lifestyle, do any fetishes cross over into your personal life?

NB: I think latex and fetish is beautiful! I do love going to a fetish party wearing latex and meeting fun people from the fetish modeling scene. I love everything about it. Latex is definitely my main fetish.

MM: What do you find so appealing about the material?

NB: It’s figure-hugging, it’s shiny, it’s just so pretty! I can’t really pin point what I find so incredibly compelling about it, but I love wearing it and making it. I started designing latex a little while ago too, and I swear I’m addicted. There’s not enough latex in the world for me!

MM: High heels are clearly a staple for any shoot, or outing for that matter. What do you love about them?

NB: I think high heels are stunning, they make your legs and butt look so incredibly pretty. I would almost never shoot without them.

MM: Are there any models out there that influence you or your style?

NB: Ophelia Overdose was the first fetish model I discovered on DeviantArt years ago. She made me fall in love with latex and conceptual shoots. Other than her, I’m obsessed with the beautiful Marie Devilreux. She’s extremely fierce in her pictures and has amazing personal style. I’m influenced by too many stunning girls, though another one worth mentioning is Jasmine Suzanna. She is this insane creative force and I love shooting with her both as a model and photographer.


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