Rubber Ballerina

The legendary Psylocke is known not only for her sexy look but also for her daring wardrobe choices. In this set, we might not get to see her face but we do get to see her stunning figure showcased in hot black latex. Even hotter is the fact that Psylocke is wearing super high fetish ballerina boots which accentuate her long legs. Not many people would be able to even stand in these shoes but being the pro that she is, Psylocke shows us how it's done by strutting her stuff in these impossibly high heels. To say that she's the cream of the crop as far as fetish models go would be an understatement.

Photo Shoot Gallery: Psylocke - Rubber Ballerina | Photos: 29

Model: Psylocke
Photography: Peter Czernich
Executive Producer: Peter Czernich
Photo Editing: Digi5 Media
Location: Solingen, Germany
Hair MUA: N/A
Wardrobe: N/A

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