Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation is a one-sided psychological warfare. It’s you against your partner, and in this scenario there will be only one winner. By slowly removing one or more of your partner’s senses, you will leave them disoriented and helpless before you. It requires plenty of trust between couples, but there are lots of interesting benefits to this type of play.

Used in BDSM and bondage, its aim is to take the submissive to new heights of pleasure by increasing their ability to sense and feel. When one sense is taken away, the others react by going into overdrive. Take away the sense of touch, and your partner will be driven wild by the need to have your body rubbing against her. We always want what we can’t have!

In the bedroom it can take on all sorts of forms. You can take away sight with a blindfold or mask, and use earplugs to remove your partner’s ability to hear. It needn’t stop there. Tying them up with silk scarves or rope will prevent them from being able to touch you, and a simple cloth gag could prevent them from speaking.

If the World Cup is on, this can be particularly useful. She can’t talk, and neither can she grab the remote…

Senses That Can Be Restricted:


Why is sensory deprivation so popular?

The main reason this play is so popular is due to the feeling of utter helplessness you’ll instil in your partner. This will make for an intensely erotic scene and quite possibly give her the best orgasms she’s ever had. You’ll also have her at your complete mercy… and here’s where you can have some fun.

The how-to guide

There are two main aspects to sensory deprivation. Psychological play and physical sensation play.

Psychological play – this is where you leave her naked, cuffed and blindfolded on her own for twenty minutes while you go downstairs and have a cuppa. The anticipation of your return will drive her wild. You could also try food play, like the Nine and a Half Weeks movie, but we don’t recommend you try the chilli unless you’re prepared to do all the housework for a month afterwards.

Physical sensation play – this could involve fluttering feathers, strips of velvet or silk slowly down her body. You could also try a magic wand, vibrator or pinwheel. If you often play with these kinds of toys, you’ll probably need go more gently than normal due to the heightened sensation she’ll feel when being blindfolded etc. You could also have a go at temperature play with an ice cube and a drinking straw. Gently trace patterns with the ice cube around her body and when it’s melted sufficiently, you can blow it around with a drinking straw. It’s great for giggles. Then, paint warm water all over her with a soft brush to say ‘sorry’. (As if!) If you really want to have some fun and are feeling adventurous, you could even try a few spanks from a paddle or riding crop.

Safety First

When first venturing out into the realms of sensory deprivation, make sure you discuss all your ideas beforehand and get the go-ahead from your partner. You’ll need to agree on safe words/signals that can be used if it all becomes too much for her. You’ll also need to make sure your submissive is always within hearing distance – if the safe word is uttered, you need to untie her, quick!

Another point to mention is that it’s a good idea to test out all your equipment on yourself first. This way, you’ll know roughly how much sound the earplugs/headphones will muffle and whether she’ll be able to see through the blindfold, or if she’ll be completely blind. Similarly, if it’s your first time with a pinwheel, run it down your arm first and get an idea of the pressure you’ll need. Always start softly with toys, and if you hear lots of sexy moans and groans, that might be your cue to increase the pressure by gentle increments.

Have fun and play safe!


-Christina Mandara

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