With ever new spectacular photos and amazing new ideas like the metallically shimmering “Diamond”-Latex, the Viennese Latex Manufacturer SIMON O. is always a hot news item in the fetish scene.

New photos, new look: The cooperation between Simon O. and Nikitzo/Zlata resulted from coincidence, via Kylie Marilyn. Simon O. had made a special outfit for the extravagant fetish transgender, Kylie, and shot it with Nikitzo; Simon O. was then pointed to the talented photographer. Quickly, a well functioning cooperation developed. The designer from Vienna was pleased to find out when Nikitzo also shot some of the new collections with Zlata. He delivered ever more specially made outfits and sent them whole collections to work with in Leipzig, all of which the photographer could also use in his various other shootings and projects, especially for his new website project (see separate article in this issue). In return, the photographer delivered beautiful photos – that’s what we call a synergy effect!

New cooperations: For a while, Simon O. has been talking to Radical Rubber and Latexa, to develop a truly non-transparent, deep red latex sheeting. Color pigment mixtures are still in the test phase, but will hopefully soon replace the usually slightly transparent red tones in all the sheet latex on the market .

Furthermore, the extremely popular special colors with metallic particles – Simon O. calls them “Diamond Black” or “Skin Diamond” – are being tested for serial production by both manufacturers, so that outfits in these colors will hopefully soon become less expensive.

Photos & MUA: Nikitzo / Model: Zlata

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