Wax Play

It’s HOT!

So what exactly is wax play? Well, it’s where you tie your partner down (she doesn’t have to be tied down – but it’s more fun that way) and drip hot wax all over her body. It’s an exciting form of BDSM edge play, because the submissive never knows where the next drop is heading, and if you add a blindfold into the mix, it becomes even more delicious. Those hot little drops of wax can have a lot of fun dribbling over a naked body.

Before you run out to the local store and buy yourself enough candles to start a small séance, you might want to take a few things into account. For starters, you can’t use any old candles. Beeswax candles burn at a higher temperature than specially designed wax play candles, and a spell in the A&E department is no one’s idea of a fun afternoon. Always test the wax on your wrist or the back of your hand first, and if you don’t run around the house screaming and crying in pain, then it’s probably safe to use. In case your submissive doesn’t agree, always maintain communication throughout your wax play session. This means no gags. Sigh. You need to be able to hear her safe word, just in case things go wrong.

Another point to remember is that dripping wax on body hair will prove difficult when it comes to removing said wax. It’ll be a bit like ripping plaster off, but worse. The good news is that you can shave all problematic body hair off together, and won’t that be fun? It’s also good practice to have a shower beforehand, because any products like hairspray and body spray contain alcohol, and playing with a naked flame near alcohol is… bad.

So you’ve got your candles and you’ve tied her down – now what?

Unless you want to permanently ruin your bed sheets, you’ll want to put a plastic sheet under your partner. Then scour the area for anything that might potentially catch fire, and remove it. Now that the safety side of things is taken care of, you’re ready to begin.

Start by relaxing her with a slow, sensual massage, and blot any excess oil away before you begin. When you’re satisfied that she’s moaning and groaning in heat, then that is your cue to light the candle. Remember to test the wax on the back of your hand first to make sure it’s not too hot. When you’ve done that, hold the candle approximately eighteen inches above her back and start slowly, drop by drop. The height at which the candle is held will affect the intensity of the heat. The higher up you hold the candle, the cooler the wax will feel when it lands. Test different heights upon your own arm to get an idea of the effect.

When you are ready to begin dripping wax onto more sensitive areas, you can try her thighs, belly, breasts, and her ass. Always avoid the face and any open cuts or scrapes.

It’s very important to make sure you have a safe resting place for your candle after each sweep of her body. Setting fire to the house is a very real hazard, and will almost certainly kill the mood. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case.


Try applying the wax with a paintbrush. The bristles of the brush will add to the sensation, and you can use different coloured wax to bring out your inner Picasso. You could also heighten her anticipation by alternating between hot wax and an ice cube. The extremes of temperature will have her gasping in no time.

Wax removal and aftercare

To remove the wax you can use a blunt knife, comb or ice scraper. You could also peel it off with your fingertips, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous – try whipping it off with a flogger or crop.

When all the wax has been removed, give your partner another massage, but this time with aloe vera or some vitamin E cream. It will help cool the skin, and you’ll get to have your hands all over her again. It’s a win-win, right?

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