Weird and Wonderful Things That Turn Her On

Ever wonder why some guys have an edge over their friends in the dating department? It’s not all down to genetics and how attractive your bum looks in tight jeans. There’s a whole world of science behind what actually gets women wet… and why.

A Moody Exterior

Forget lavishing the woman of your dreams with a happy smile, you’re better off with a moody pout. Women find happy men considerably less attractive than those with thoughtful or introspective expressions. You can probably blame this on bad boy romance novels. So invent a few problems, give her the ‘troubled soul’ expression and you could be a winner.


The colour red has also been proven to raise libidos. It’s eye grabbing, it can draw her attention from across the room, and it makes you look more attractive to the opposite sex. Scientists are now investigating colour psychology and have concluded there is a relationship between colour and behaviour patterns. It’s thought to have its roots in biology. Female chimps redden when they ovulate, sending a loud and clear message to their mates that they’d like a little fun. This one is certainly worth a try. Grab a red shirt and see what happens.


It’s official – women are attracted to the smell of sweat. We’re not talking the ‘I-haven’t-bathed-for-three-weeks’ type sweat, though. That’s just nasty. There is, however, studies that prove body odor can be very sexy to women, and as it’s linked with testosterone production, it may be evolution’s way of trying to ensure survival of the fittest. If you’re not normally a sweaty guy, you’ll just have to put on your joggers and brush past her on the way back from a morning run.


If you’re called James, Will, Sam, Ryan, Alex, Jack, Chris, or Adam, then you’ve got the winning code. Believe it or not, women are sexually attracted to names. Unfortunately, if you haven’t got one of the names above, you can either blame your mother or try to change it. Or you could just try wearing red as mentioned earlier. It’s cheaper and you’ll probably still get a birthday present.


It’s not Axe, and it’s not Armani for men. Women are turned on by the smell of gasoline, printer ink, cucumbers, candy, and leather. Men, on the other hand, are partial to a whiff of baby lotion, lipstick, or their dinner! Figures.

If you’ve tried all of those without success, you could always give some pheromone perfume a-go. It’s basically ‘sweat perfume’ and it is rumored to drive the opposite sex crazy. Going for a jog is probably cheaper though, and has health benefits to boot.


There’s still a lot of scepticism as to what can be classed as an aphrodisiac or not, but chocolate has been proven to boost serotonin levels which will in turn boost happiness. Chocolate also contains PEA, which triggers a release of norepinephrine and dopamine that has been likened to the euphoric highs of amphetamines. Unfortunately, the effects of PEA don’t last for long, so you’ll need to get your groove on quickly.

A Deep Voice

Scientists in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology have concluded that a deep, low voice is more attractive to women. It’s connected with being a dominant, alpha male and is regarded as pretty darn sexy. So drop your voice an octave or two, and see if it gets you where you want to go.

Copulating Studies

Studying the subject of female desire by hooking women up to a plethysmograph, Meredith Chivers set out to find what turned women on by showing them some sexy videos. She found that sex between men and women, women and women, and men and men, increased vaginal secretions and blood flow. What didn’t work was a video of a naked, ripped, muscled man. Before you beat your fists upon your chest in despair, there is an upside to this tale. Whilst women found a naked body with a flaccid penis unappetizing, when he sported an erection a different story was told. So keep the clothes on until the moment of truth!

Kink, Fetish, Bondage, and BDSM

Women adore dominant men, just ask Mills and Boon, and if you can take charge in the bedroom and show her a really good time, you’re never going to get rid of her. Sexual research suggests that many women fantasize about submission in the bedroom, and they love being naughty. Some want rough play, some want to be massaged, some adore handcuffs, others love being whipped – so experiment and find out what she likes. Start small with a blindfold and work up to bigger and better things.

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