What is Sploshing?

Sploshing is a wet and messy fetishism, or WAM for short. In the last few years it’s become rather fashionable, and even Christina Aguilera has had a go with a deliciously naughty cake scene. In a nutshell, sploshing is food play and it’s where people become aroused when lots of wet, sticky, bubbly, rough or warm food is applied to naked skin. Think chocolate sauce, whipped cream, oil, fruit juice, cola, custard, ice cream, yogurt, cake batter and baked beans. It isn’t limited to food items, and you’ll often see mud, shaving foam, slime or body lotion used.

Sploshing parties are often full-bodied affairs, with the sploshers eating their own creations off the naked participant. You’ll be pleased to know, however, that eating the food off your partner is optional, which is kind of handy if you’re not a fan of baked beans… or when using shaving cream.

There are many sploshing techniques such as massaging, whipping, slapping, drizzling and throwing. You can vary the temperatures of food to keep things exciting, play with ice cream one minute and hot chocolate sauce the next. Ooh!

Do I have to be naked?

Interestingly enough, no. A lot of sploshers derive pleasure from being fully clothed while the food is smeared over and underneath them. Some people turn up for their sessions in smart, thought out outfits, or even suits. The clothing is often later cut away with scissors, and the subjects may be bound or restrained while the sploshing is in progress.


There are lots of theories as to why people get turned on by the sight of their body (or their partner’s) covered in whipped cream. It’s almost a breaking of taboos, and some people get really excited at the idea of getting disgustingly messy and covered in goo. Another possibility is that individuals with a low tactile sensitivity are drawn to it. It’s much easier to feel hands and fingers through the wet substances, which may help with arousal. Sploshing also has connections with BDSM, and the food play could be seen as punishment or humiliation for a submissive. Sploshing doesn’t have to involve sex, though.

Perhaps it’s all of those years of being told not to play with your food. That might be how it happened…


If you’re thinking about giving sploshing a test run, you’re going to need an area that can be cleaned easily afterwards. A bathtub or shower stall is a good place to start, but if you need more room… some old sheets, or a large plastic sheet may fit the bill for a better, more comfortable surface.

Believe it or not, there’s an art to sploshing. It’s often applied in layers and the participant can be blindfolded. You could start with peanut butter for a gentle massage and move on to warm honey for a far more tactile, stickier rub. Then you can go slick with oil, or move on to ice cream and sprinkles. Mixing ingredients like cola and ice cream can make for really great textures and sensations, so there’s a whole new world out there for you to explore!

Want to get kinky?

Play games. Insert half a banana into your partner’s mouth and warn them that if they bite or drop it, you’ll play with cold food on their body, like ice cubes or milk. You could also be really mean and play with spicy food!

Play Safe

Always check for allergies first. You’ll make a paramedics week if you’re stretchered away with hot chocolate sauce, pureed banana and honey dripping from your pants. You may also get a cleaning bill from the ambulance company.

Take care when playing with gritty textures or spicy foods. They can scrape, scratch or burn the skin, and not everyone is into pain. Always be careful with the eyes, swimmers goggles or a good-fitting blindfold may be a good investment.

Lastly, make sure the sploshee has a safe word or signal in order to stop play. Seriously though, who doesn’t want to get covered in peanut butter and jello?

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