What Do Submissive Girls Want In Bed?

Most women don’t like talking about sex. It’s awkward, it’s weird, and quite honestly, men need to be able to read our minds. If, unfortunately, you have yet to develop your clairvoyant powers, here are a few things that the average submissive girl might like in the bedroom…

A Little Bit Of Rough

You don’t need to tiptoe around her, and she won’t break with a little rough handling. If you want to pin her against the wall or slam her into the bed sheets, there’s a good chance she might enjoy it. Surprise her by calling the shots, and watch her purr in ecstasy at your domineering antics. Submissive women fantasize about letting go, and having a man take charge. It’s exciting because they don’t know what’s going to happen next, and the anticipation of wondering what you are going to do will drive them wild.

Change of Scenery

Ditch the bed. Not literally, because it will come in handy for sleeping – but try taking sex outside of the bedroom to ramp up your love life. The thrill of getting caught in a public place, even if it’s deserted, can be lots of fun, and showing her that you’re mad for her will probably earn you lots of sexy points that can be redeemed at a later date.

Need some ideas? Spread her over the kitchen table, give her a long and leisurely wash in the shower, or jump her on the sofa – the possibilities are delightful. Alternatively, go away for a dirty weekend. She can scream as loud as she likes if you don’t know anyone in the neighborhood…

Talk Dirty

Want to get her pulse racing and her heart pounding? Talk dirty. This can work both ways, so you arouse each other. Call her on the drive home from work and tell her what you’d like her to wear. Ask her to describe each item she takes off and each one she puts on for you. Tell her what you’re going to do to her when you get your hands on her. Alternatively, ask her to masturbate for you and hear her delightful moans fill your car, smashing the rush-hour blues out of the window. You don’t have to let her climax. You can save that for later. Imagine how pleased she’ll be to see you when your car finally pulls into the drive.

Be At One With The Dildo

There’s a reason women love their toys. Magic wands, dildos, and rabbits are immensely popular with the fairer sex. They hit the spot. Incorporate them into your foreplay routine and watch her beg for mercy. Make the fun a little more exciting by making sure she knows she’s not allowed to climax without you. You can always threaten to spank her if she does!

Role Play

Naughty schoolgirl and teacher, lord and maid, boss and secretary, or doctors and nurses, are only some of the great dress-up opportunities available. Get some sexy outfits together and see how much fun you can have peeling them off each other. You can both have a giggle as you discuss some of your raunchier fantasies and then you can plot your dastardly deeds together.

Spanking and Restraints

Try a light hand spanking on her rear and see if it turns her on, or get the silk scarves out and tie her to the bedposts. Waggle a pair of handcuffs in front of her, or leave a leather flogger lying around the coffee table and see if it attracts her attention. If by any chance it does, replay some naughty scenes from the secretary and have her crawling all over the house for you. Naked, of course.

Fool Around For Longer

If you want to see her climax, and seriously, there’s no sweeter vision than a woman begging for sex, you’ll need to lavish plenty of foreplay upon her. It shouldn’t all be downtown action, either. Cuddle, caress, stroke, and tease. Forearms, necks, legs, shoulders, earlobes – all these parts and more deserve a little attention now and again. If you get her writhing in heat, there’s a good chance she’ll want more of where that came from, and on a regular basis.

Remember – communication is key. If you can get her to tell you her innermost desires, then a lot of the hard work will be done for you.

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