Why Everyone Needs a Magic Wand

First it was the rabbit. It hit the country by storm and suddenly everyone everywhere was worshipping vibrating ears and revolving pearls. It made its debut in the year 1984 (along with Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and the Karate Kid) and is still one of the most popular sex toys to date. If you’re looking for bang for buck, though, there’s something much better on the market these days and it’s called the Magic Wand.

What makes the Wand so special?

The Wand goes from 0-60 mph in 0.3 seconds. Seriously. It is the Ferrari of sex toys. If you need an orgasm and you need it bad, a wand is hard to beat. It has a range of vibration speeds from tame to I-think-my-universe-just-imploded, and the top setting will bring tears to many a woman’s eyes. But that’s not all…

It’s quiet

If you buy the extra quiet version of the Wand, it doesn’t matter if you’ve invited the mother-in-law over, because she won’t be able to hear a thing. Even with her ear pressed up against the wall!

Whilst the vibrations of the wand are incredibly powerful, the noise level on newer models is much lower than a standard vibrator. This makes it a lot more practical. The kids won’t be able to hear it, and you’ll even be able to take it away on holiday with you. If the other half is a screamer, however, you’re still going to have problems.

It has lots of interesting attachments

The Wand becomes an extremely versatile sex toy with the use of special attachments. There are caps covered in ‘firm nodules’ for use on inner-thighs, nipples, and the perineum. Then there are G-spot stimulators, flutter tips for the clitoris, and suctions cups to add dildos and other sex toys. For the extremely demanding female, there’s even one attachment that will do the clit, G-spot and butt all at once. That should keep her quiet, right?

It’s not just for girls

You heard me. There are male-specific attachments, too! Try a P-spot attachment for prostate orgasms or the flexible rubber male masturbator attachment for those days when she has a headache. Even better, why not watch each other?

You can leave it lying around

Technically, the Wand isn’t a sex toy. Often described as a mains-powered ultra powerful massager, if anyone spots it on the floor in the bedroom, you can claim you have a bad back. You’re going to have chronic back pain as soon as you get one of these, make no mistake! If that excuse doesn’t work, you can always say it’s your new karaoke microphone.

It goes like a steam train

The original Magic Wand was made by Hitachi. Their website states that the lower setting vibrates at 5000 vibrations per minute, and the higher setting at 6000. When you take into account that the average washing machine spin cycle is just 1600 rotations per minute, you’ll get some idea of what this baby can do.

Perfect for shared play and sensual massage

Use it on it’s lowest setting, with soothing strokes, in order to deliver a sensual, relaxing massage. Get one with a flexible head to make it easy to find those hard-to-reach spots around the neck and shoulder blades. It’s a great way to start your bedroom routine.

This is a toy that needs to be experimented with. Try all the vibration and pulsation settings, to see which one works best. Then pick up some attachments and experiment some more. Watch each other to pick up tips and tricks, and see how many orgasms you can both take in a one-hour session. You might surprise yourself!

And finally – why buy a Magic Wand?

It’s mains-powered and you’ll save a fortune on batteries.

It’s incredibly quiet, but whoever is underneath it won’t be!

It will be the most powerful vibrator you ever buy.

If you ever get back pain, you’ve already got the perfect tool to make it feel better.


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