Why Latex is so Damn Sexy

Latex rubber is the iconic cornerstone of BDSM and fetish wear. Black is the de rigueur color of choice, but today you can find bright red, pink, purple, blue, see-through and metallic options. It’s skin-tight, shiny, dramatic, and has a beautifully smooth appearance. Often used to make cat suits, stockings, gloves, corsets, leotards, hoods and rubber cloaks, its use is only limited by the designer’s imagination.

How To Wear Latex

Latex is a tricky beast to wear. It has a high friction against dry skin, but you can combat this in several ways. Smearing talc across the skin or suit will help ease its journey up your body, or you could use specially made silicone lubricants, which have the added advantage of not leaving talc marks all over your beautiful glossy designs. It doesn’t really matter, because when you’ve put your suit on, you’ll want to polish it up to a high shine and that will require silicone oil. You need to be careful to choose something specifically made for latex, because some oils will harm the rubber, causing it to disintegrate.

Why Do We Love Latex?

Aside from the fact that it’s form-fitting and can tightly hug every single delicious contour of the human body, it’s the shiny, sleek smoothness and zippers that get our hearts pounding. When the light catches it in just the right way, the overall effect is stunning, especially in a camera shoot.

When dressing yourself for the first time in latex, you’ll realize the material is quite restrictive. Depending on the thickness of the latex, it can put a fair degree of pressure upon your body, and it will pull together to give you a stunning silhouette. It’s often referred to as the next best thing to being naked. Everything is on display, compressed and accentuated. It’s a bit like full body bondage, and for a submissive, this can be enough of a turn-on in itself.

There is also a dehumanization element, when hoods, gags, and cutout or zipped portions come into play. It can almost feel like you’ve become a real life sex doll when you’re dressed up in some of the more elaborate costumes. Your identity can be wiped away in an instant. You look picture perfect, movement is stiff and somewhat awkward, and all that is felt is a delicious pressure rippling down your body as you move.

The smell of latex has also been reported as arousing, along with the teasing quality of the material that reveals nearly everything, but holds just enough back. It almost feels like you’re touching naked skin when you run your hands along it, almost but not quite.

Liquid Latex

There’s a growing trend for liquid latex body art, especially at fetish fairs and around Halloween. It’s the ultimate art form, because the designs can be as intricate and colorful as you like, and you really are as close to naked as you’re likely to get in polite society. It can be sprayed on, or applied by brush, and can be removed by peeling. When the liquid latex dries, it shrinks, so the figure hugging effect is especially apparent. All sorts of three-dimensional effects can be created using this technique, giving plenty of scope for creativity.

Celebrity Latex Fans

Lady Gaga can often be seen strutting her stuff in incredibly intricate latex designs and Katy Perry is also a fan, looking superbly sexy in pink and purple cat suits. Bianca Beauchamp, a Canadian fetish and adult model, is well known for her glamorous latex modeling and has made a fantastic career out of doing so. Then there’s Madonna, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Shakira… It’s official. Everyone loves latex.  Why not give it a go yourself?


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