Why We’re Embracing The Darkness With 50 Shades

The trailer for Fifty Shades Darker sees Anastasia Steele taking off her panties in a swanky restaurant, whilst Grey casually sips a glass of champagne. Pulse rates are going to be pounding in cinemas across the country and they’d better roll out the plastic covers for those seats. Steele is going to be slammed against the shower wall, find a hand up her skirt in an elevator, and they’re just appetizers for the main event.

There’s no question that the movie is going to be a box office hit, and if you were in any doubt, you just need to take a look at the original novel, which is still dominating the book charts over four years since its release. Although the first film Fifty Shades of Grey attracted a lot of negative attention from critics, feminists, psychologists, and half the rest of the population of the world, its hype has not died down. Why?

The Fifty Shades Phenomenon

People don’t want to admit that they like kinky sex. It’s a bit like announcing you just robbed a bank in polite society. We still don’t like talking about sex. Even now, with a sexual revolution on our hands, most of us have absolutely no idea what Fifty Shades is about, right? Ahem.

Whether we admit to it or not, nearly $600 million dollars was taken in global box office receipts for Fifty Shades, and there’s no reason to believe that Fifty Shades Darker won’t attract just as much attention. With adult sex toy sales booming, people are actively searching to recreate the sex scenes they have just read about or watched. If that wasn’t enough proof, next generation vibrators are being produced to vibrate in sync with the audio stories, maxing out the vibes for the really steamy parts. Oh la la!

That’s not all. BDSM style workshops and events are seeing a record number of new participants, all eager to explore exciting new ideas and concepts. Fifty Shades of Grey has seen kink go mainstream, and more than that, we’re in love with it. It’s exciting, it’s glamorous, it’s, well… HOT! There are going to be a lot of people rushing back home to their bedrooms, perhaps using the cinema elevator as foreplay, for a spot of Fifty Shades role-play. In the privacy of our homes, we’re going to let our hair down in style, and we might even shout about it.

Why Should We Embrace Fifty Shades?

Whether you’re a lover or hater of the book, you’ve added to the hype. Remember that saying ‘All publicity is good publicity?’ It’s true. It doesn’t matter whether so-and-so hated it, because by that time your curiosity has been piqued and you feel the need to read it for yourself and find out. If you didn’t like the book, it doesn’t matter, because what you read is now in your head and there it will stay.

For some people, they’ll discover that kinky sex is really not their thing, and that’s perfectly okay. Others will decide that they adore all things BDSM and will make it their life’s mission to find out everything they can about it. Some of us will read more kinky books, and check out a few naughty movies. Others will listen to sex educators, visit sex exhibitions, and check out a workshop or two. It doesn’t matter what we do with this new world of saucy sex, all that’s important is that we’re talking about it, and we’ve never talked about sex before.

Things are just starting to get interesting, and we have Fifty Shades of Grey to thank for that.

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